Best budget floorstander match: HELP MEEEEE .....

I'm looking for nice budget floorstanders to match with my NAD C541 CD & C370 integrated. I currently use Straightwire Chorus IC and Qed Silver Anniversary speaker cables.
I listen mainly to modern jazz, rock (pop and louder) and electronic music (no HT use here). My room is 16'x16'x9' with hardwood floor, a lot of large windows, no carpet but two couches.

I read reviews and heard some of these speakers but was unable to make comparative audition.
Any recommendations ?

Tannoy Mx3 (Mx4 if I can afford them)
PSB Image 4T (5T if I can afford them)
Monitor Audio Bronze 3

Thank you
If you like to rock-em and loud, then a pair of B&W DM603S2 will do the trick. They are also a good match for your level of equipment. See hifi-choice comments at:
check out the AAD c-800 and the Phase tech 11.5 on our showcase on audiogon or at --
and --

we are running the phase tech 11.5 in our showroom with a NAD 350 -- and a granite audio 650 cd player -- they sound wonderful

they are both superb speakers ...any questions feel free to get in touch

good listening
Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 or Pacific 20 will outperform the Bronze 3 in the bass area, and offer the seeest midrange of any of the other contenders. ANother Option is ANgstrom Omega 26 or 28 (Canadian) and walk all over the PSB/Paradigm product.
A good sized room, with hardwood floors and lots of windows. I recommend you treat your room first before spending any coin on speakers. Not sure about what you can get away with (assuming WAF is an issue), if you'd like some suggestions leave another post here and you'll get plenty of ideas how to tame your highly reflective room.
I would look for a warm sounding speaker to take the edge off. Your room seems fairly reflective and the tunes fairly gritty. Monitors could be good. Check out NHT, too. The 2.5 is very musical. Vandersteen 1C is also a good choice.
FYI, There a almost new pair of Cherry DM603S2 someone just listed for $660.
The very best kept secret in less expensive speakers these days are the Axioms. Large OEM producer.

They offer an outrageous purchase plan of selling the speakers directly to include shipping AND customs costs from Canada. AND a 30 day return policy if not satisfied AND they even pay the return shipping. Beat that. Well, now how much would you pay? There's even more.

I purchased mine through the Audio Shop in Ottawa, they beat the price of Axiom by deleting the 30 day return policy. I was skeptical of aluminum woofers and titanium tweeters, but the speaker is sweet. Get the black as the vinyl wrap Boston cherry is fairly hideous.

I would even place my tube gear behind these. Cooooool....
I recently replaced a pair of B&W 601S2s, driven by a NAD C350 and C521, with B&W's new 602.5 S3. The 602.5s run 700$ a pair retail, and may be hard to find since B&W just started shipping them. The 602.5s are some of the best (relatively) low cost speakers I have heard, and to my ears sound like more expensive speakers. I'm using them in a carpeted basement room measuring 18' x 13' x 7.5'. They can play quite loud without compression, and the bass is crisp, tuneful and extended for a 6.5" two way.