Best budget equipment?

I just discovered how good the oppo dvd player is.
I consider it an over-achiever.
What speakers would fall into the same category, and amplifier too?
The oppo has a variable output, so don't need a preamp.
But if a good inexpensive preamp comes to mind please don't hesitate.
This is all to help choose a resonably priced system for a girlfriend.

The Onkyo A9555 integrated amp is a pretty remarkable amplifier for the money. List is $800 but it's available at Amazon for $500 new, or refurbished from accessories4less at $400. It got an excellent review in Stereophile and I've been trying one as a potential back-up "summer amp" to substitute for tubes. It's very nicely built with great ergonomics and a massive power supply.
Try going to Guitar Center or a local music store and try a powered monitor. This is the simplest and most dynamic arrangement. I have my eye on a set of Mackie MR8 monitors for $500. Phil Brady
NAD c320 is an over-achieving integrated with a nice combination of features and build quality. Used here on Agon for around $275. Hard to argue...
For a "girlfriend" system, I also recommend the NAD 320BEE (or more recent 325BEE) amp. Easy to use, nice remote control, reliable -- and sounds good too! I would not run the Oppo directly into a power amp.

Speakers -- so many to choose from. Models from B&W, Paradigm, PSB, Polk, Totem, etc. -- hard to go wrong. Browse the listings under "Monitors" on Audiogon.
Some of the best budget brands are Rotel, NAD, Cambridge Audio, Music Hall and Creek.
A used active speaker with inbult amplifier.
VPI CLASSIC don't wait tooo long.
Also the audio experience a2se preamp!!!
Axiom,a pass pre,Supra 1.6 speaker cable,used pair kg4,s.After determining a simple 2 channel was what I wanted & low funds, it left me to seek questions,these are some of pieces that answered .What is hype,good marketing,or something for the listener,on a budget.Great sound does not have to cost a fortune,as I have learned.Good Luck
I've been very pleased with my Cambridge Audio 550a, 540p phono pre, and Music Hall MMF7 set-up.