Best Budget CD/SACD Player?

I am currently building a system around my Apogee Acoustics Duetta Signature Series II dipole speakers. I have already bought a BAT VK-600 amp w/ bat pack, plan to buy a BAT preamp and eventually a DAC, particularly for streaming Hi-Res audio. 
What are your recommendations for nice CD player (preferably also supports SACD) on a tight budget? I prefer getting more for my money with a pre-owned unit. Thanks in advance!
You only get what you pay for in this wacky hobby.

At a budget pricepoint strata, there is no "best". They are all built to their pricepoint with a resulting audio performance in lockstep .

Accordingly, there will be  minimal to nil performance differentiation at that pricepoint, so just pick one of 'em. 
imo, the best values are in pre-bluray universal dvd players such as sony es, integra (8.3/10.5) pioneer elite (79/59)--you can find 'em for as little as a hundo and they're very serviceable as transports, esp. since you're getting a dac