Best budget cartridge pool

Please vote for what you consider to be the best budget cartridge.

Shure M97XE
Goldring Elektra Cartridge
Sumiko Pearl
Rega 78 Cartridge
Ortofon X1-MC
Ortofon X1-MCP
Ortofon OM 20 Super
Grado Red
Stanton 681 EEE Mk II Cartridge
Garrott K1
Denon DL-110 Cartridge
Garrott K2
Grado Silver
Goldring 1006 Cartridge
Stanton 681 EEE Mk II Cartridge
preferably with a D11S Pickering stylus
might as well go for the Denon DL-160 Cartridge at only a few bucks more.
Shure or Ortofon 20
Dear Rmihai : You are an owner of an Ortofon OM 40 that is a better cartridge that the ones you named, do you have any problem with it? or you need a spare cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
shure m97 ... i have the denon 110, grado black, and garrot k1 all at home... for my rig (linn axis w akito 2b arm)... shure sounds great. i have heard it is dull on other rigs...