Best budget cables for tube amp

Looking for ic's power and speaker cables that do well with tube gear.
Monoprice is the way to go, great sound, great value. Let your ears be the judge, not the reviews of the experts, who have never listened to your system.
AudioArt silver/copper cables sound very good with tube gear.
Increcable diamond
I don't know if these are the best but in my experience with my Jolida 502P amplifier Morrow Audio MA2 ICs have been a wonderful pairing. Power cord wise Pangea AC9 power cords if you can wrangle them into place are good. Speaker cable wise I find PNF Audio Symphony cables to be a great pairing as well.

To the OP what do you consider budget for your cables? To some $500 speaker wires are budget. To others $15 Interconnects are budget. Also what tube amp do you have and are trying to pair cables with?
I love Supra 3.4 speaker cables on the (2) tube amps I own. Can be purchased from Madisound unterminated for very cheap and replaced alot more expensive cables in my system. Very natural sounding cable to my ears..
Thanks for responses. Jedinite, I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum. I'm thinking IC's $50-$150 and speaker cables $100-$200.
Straight Wire.
Hi Bajaed

Thanks for specifying. I hope other members can give you more budget recommendations.

I met one gent who had a Rogue Cronus Magnum and man oh man that is one solid piece of gear. The cables he had though were a bit more expensive than what you list. He had a Triode Wire Labs 7+ power cord, and Kaplan Interconnects and Speaker Cables. I don't know if this was a factor in his choices but his Rogue Cronus Magnum had Tung Sol KT120s in them rather than KT88s.

Best of luck with the search.
For inexpensive IC's and speaker cable I think you would be amazed by the performance of the 10ga Belden cable sold by Blue Jeans. And their IC's are excellent as well. But both of these are probably too cheap for many. :-)
For what it's worth .......
My Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp connects to my Rotel RCD-1072 CD deck with AudioQuest King Cobra IC's, and my Revel F-12 speakers connect to my Cronus amp with Paul Speltz anti-cables speaker wire. The sound of music is pretty spectacular. I swapped out the stock power cords on both the Cronus amp and the Rotel deck, replacing them with Signal Cable cords, and the improvement made a big difference. My Rega table is hard-wired, so that is what it is...... but it sounds fantastic. Of course, this is all with my system, in my room, through my ears, into my brain, ...... so, have fun with the myriad of choices out there. Experiment, enjoy, and remember ..... it's all about what YOU like in your system. There are no rules. Happy Listening.