Best budget bookshelf speakers for 3-600 dollars.

Hello all now that I've made a decision to stray away from active monitors (genelec 1029a) I need to decide upon what I can best get for my money. As a reference I would like to tell you what kind of headphones I own so you can have a taste of what I like. I own Senhessier 580 aswell as etymotic 4s and 6I and some shure 3.

I mostly listen to classical (brass music, big ochestra) and jazz (clark terry, lester young etc). I do have my ocassional moments when I go rock crazy for awhile. I know there all different mediums are there any speakers that can handle all pretty well for the price range 3-600 dollars used or new (lower better more around 4-500 just willing to plunk a little more if need be).

Feel free to give me any models. I live in NYC so am sure I can find someplace. Speaking of NYC where are the good places. The only place I've been to is soundexchange and I don't much like the sales people there.

Thanks again like always.
You might find a pair of GMA Europas for around $600. Very hard to beat in that price range.
I'd keep the Speakers and get the Genelec subwoofer or another subwoofer like it. For the type of music you listen too, you've had no bass and that is not good for the "balance" of playback signal. Going to be bright an thin with no bass extension.

PS don't forget the tilt adjustments on the back.

Very little to gain with your budget over what you have already.

Meadowlark Kestrels are wonderful, very easy to live with and nice with all kinds of music. It should be relatively easy to find a pair at $500-600.

Sorry about that last post, the Kestrels aren't bookshelf speakers.

In your price range, NHT makes some of the best budget monitors out there. They are acoustic suspension designs that are very musical sounding and go low in the bass, given their size. The NHT SB2 ($400 list; $300 if you shop around) or the SB3 ($600 list; $475 if you shop around) are worth tracking down. I have owned the SB2's for about 2 years now and can not recommend them enough. They can be heard at J&R Music (Park Row/City Hall subway stops).

If you like KEF speakers, Accessories4less has some great deals including free shipping and no sales tax (like saving another 20%). They have the KEF Cresta 2 for $160 a pair and the Q1's for $300 a pair ... both have been well reviewed. Accessories4less is an authorized KEF internet dealer.

Regards, Rich
If you can find a pair of Acoustic Energy Aepsprit 300's, they will be the best your money can buy. No sacirifice in bass output whatsoever, very uncommon in a bookshelf monitor.
I don't actually own the genelec. My friend suggested to get these for the money I have. What I thought was a draw back is that if I ever wanted to upgrade am stuck. That's it. Anymore suggestion>
Bookshelf speakers need stands to sound good...good stands cost money. Many small floorstanders take up no more floor space than a bookshelf on stands...something to keep in mind as another option.

Sogood51 got it right!
alright in that case what would be some good floorstander suggestions that are small and sound good?
A new set of Tannoy Fusion 1 or 2 would be a great speaker to consider. Plateau makes a really nice stand 28" stand for around $100. (Silver single column post w/black base and top plate. Model escapes me, but a really nice stand for the $.) The Tannoy MX1-M is a really great spk. as well. These proceeded the "Fusion" line. Another posible spk. to consider is the Monitor Audio "Bronze" 1/2. I personally haven't heard them but they can be bought new for about the price of the Tannoy's. If used doesn't bother you, check out ADS L400's. I have a set of L500's which sound extremely good.
I forgot to mention that these speakers are to be used in my bedroom not living room. The source will be my computer. My dimensions are 18X12X10'tall.
If you are accepting recommendations for small floorstanders then Sfar's input is right on target. The Kestrel Hot Rods can be found in your price range and are an excellent choice in a small floorstander. Although a bit larger, the Vandersteen 1C is another excellent choice in your price range.
I tried quite a few monitors including NHT SB3s, Von Schweikert VR1s and Acoustic Energys, in a small room but ended up with floorstand speakers as they take up no more space and do more of what I like. Good luck and enjoy the search.
I'll second Sfar's and third Timrhu's recommendations. I am concerned about the new info re: computer source and bedroom location though. Where these speakers are to be positioned and your listening position are very relevent issues. This may be more of a concern with 1st order speakers like the Meadowlark, Vandersteens et al..Many speakers need a minimum distance from the listener to achieve performance potential. As for the computer source, that might be another issue. What are your plans for amplification?
As for amplification I was planning to use a intergrated amp either the Nad C320BEE or the audio refinement complete. Yes room constraints is an issue since my computer is situation on the same wall as my 32" television. I plan to position the speakers on either side of my television. I plan to use m-audio audiophile (external usb) as source. I plan to listen from my bed, or from my computer chair. I know that a perfect set-up but it's the best I can do until I move into a house and have a seperate listening room.

It was for this issue with my room that so many people suggested near-field bi-amp speakers such as genelec or dynaudio. I listened to some and even though they do many things well, there just not to musical to listen to.

I also figured going with an amp would give better flexiblity in the future than just buying active studio monitors. That's why I wanted to get suggestion of good bookshelf speakers that are fairly small but good performers. Is it possible with my room constraints?
On second thought should I be concentrating on getting mini-monitors??
Perhaps you could give us actual room dimensions and your planned speaker placement and listening distances? Do you plan to listen to the integrated amp/speakers while using your computer and/or watching TV?
Daimbert, no criticism intended here, but you do seem a bit befuddled, and I'm not sure a dozen more posts recommending different speakers is going to solve that problem. So my first suggestion is to stop asking for advice and get out and listen to some speakers. Start to figure out what you like, rather than worrying about what everybody else likes. When you pin things down a little, you can come back here and ask some more specific questions.

On the bookshelf vs. floorstander question, my advice is to go with the bookshelf. (Yes, you'll need stands, but you don't need to spend an arm and a leg for these. Just look for something stable.) I don't think there are too many good floorstanders in your price range. You're buying more bass, but not necessarily a lot more bass, and probably not better bass. I prefer a speaker that doesn't try to do everything, because it's more likely to do most things right.

Something like the Paradigm Monitor 3 or the PSB Image B25 or the Infinity Beta 20 might suit you. All run in the $400-500 range. I suggest you check their websites to find dealers in your area.
Jean-Marie Reynaud Twins or Dynaudio Audience 40/42-50/52's. The Dynaudios will need a bit more power to sound better. My friend owns the Twins and they sound great. Both can be found used in your price range. Good luck.
If you are able: give Mission, Quad 12L, Monitor Audio silver series (older silver i or newer s), or Paradigm a try. You should be very happy with any of the above if it fits sonically into your system. IMHO check out the new Absolute Sound issue, has their best components list.
Not offended at all. Just want the suggestions so I know what to listen to and decide on. I understand if I am coming out as confused and maybe a little annoying :) but you need to understand I don't know nothing. I am learning alot by the suggestions though so thank you.

My bedroom is 18X12 with 10 foot ceiling. Like stated before my television 32" and computer are against my 18' wall. Although there is a door to the left side so in and a radiator on the other side so it's really 11-12'ft. Some where in there I plan to place my speakers facing my bed. I plan to actually listen from my bed with about 8' feet of space or my computer chair with about the same distance.

I usally do not use my speakers in the computer anyways but they may be used on occassion for some livefeeds,games but 95% of the time for just straight listening and playing along with big ochestral works so I can practice my excerpts. I may use speakers for stereo sound while watching movies but again not much at all.

One thing for certain I do not to use a sub. I actually like a well defined bass over a bass that I can feel. I would like speakers that sound like my headphones which are Senheissers hd580, Etymotic 4p and my shure 3. Speakers don't have to be big but reproduce music well.

I hope this clarify a bit.
Looks like you'll just make it for most of the floor standing 1st order speakers. The Meadowlarks with their high efficency and easy impedance will probably work just fine with an intergrated amp. Make sure your not closer than 8' from listening position to speakers though.
Used Epos M12 (not newer M12.2 with rising response curve - sound bright to me). You can go FAR beyond NAD with the Epos and hear thesonic improvments.
In Living Stereo sells Epos and fine tube gear. Also Totem speakers but I like Epos bette YMMV. They are near Astor Place. I think you will find one of their products will suit your needs.
I recommend the Epos els 3 speakers (list for $329). Very good sound(read the reviews), attractive, and work well on a bookshelf. Good luck.
Usher Audio S-520 ($400 new) and a modest pair of stands would be a nice choice in your price range.