Best Budget Bookshelf Speakers?

I'm looking into buying bookshelf speakers for a bedroom system, and am trying to decided between PSB Image, Tannoy mX2, Wharfedale Diamond 8, Acoustic Energy Aegis 1, and B&W 303's. I'm currently running a Sony CD/MD deck through the Musical Fidelity X-10D, into an Onix A60 integrated amp, using Wharfedale Opal 30 speakers. Besides the speakers mentioned above, any other recommendations would be much appreciated (Mission, Diva, etc???). Thanks!
I chose Aegis Ones for a small home office system after listening to most of the others you mention. Nice and smooth with enough detail to hold my interest. A little rolled off on top. The Stereophile review was accurate, imo.

But, all of these speakers have their own character. You might prefer one of the others. In this price range, you should try to hear (and look and touch - some differences in fit and finish) before buying.
I would try the B&W 303. They have tweeter technology handed down from their Nautilus line and the highs are reputed to be very clean. I personally feel that they equal or surpass the 601S2 at a 50% lower cost. BTW, outstanding build quality and fit 'n finish by B&W for their entry level speaker.
My favorite, for the price, have been the Kef Q15.2 . I have
used these in small and large rooms, and they are excellent.
I do have a pair that I was thinking about listing(just
got some Magnepans) for sale...but if I do or don't isn't
the should give these a listen if you can.
The Aegis One is very good for nearfield listening. I have considered it for my home office as well. However, if you plan to set up these speakers at any realistic distance away from the listener (say 5 feet or more), I don't think these are the best choice. Of the ones you've mentioned I've listened to the Tannoys and the B&Ws. I have listened to other speakers by PSB, and have to say I don't care for them very much (obviously when talking about speakers it's very much personal preference). I would favor the B&Ws overall.
I've been using a pair of Krix Equinox's in my office for about 8 months, and I think they are a great little speaker.
For my taste nothing beats the old LS3 5A, made by a number of British Companies. Try to pick up a pair used......Sweetest sound on earth!
I own a pair of Phase Tech PC-40 bookshelf speakers wired into my upstairs that I continue to be impressed by. More than a couple of times, friends have asked to pull the grills off the speakers just to take a look at such a small speaker making such big sound. This is the only Phase Tech speaker I have direct experience with, but I know the company has a 'bang for the buck' reputation and may be worth taking a look at.
What about the wonderful Spica TC60's. These things throw a soundstage the size of Baltimore. Timbre is near perfect and they are not hard to drive. I mate mine with a sub and while they will not play at head banger levels. They are a wonderfully sane speaker for those who like all types of music. I see some on audiogon for $500 to 600. John Atkinson loved these things. I would look for a pair of these and a nice tube amp and die of exctasy.
Try listening to the Sound Dynamics RTS-3 Speakers from
Canada. The Speakers sound like the expensive stuff and
can be ordered on-line from Audio Advisor.
How long do you plan to keep them. The B&W 300 series are great speakers for the money and have excellent resale value if you get the urge to upgrade later.