Best budget amp match with ProAc Tablettes

Hi all, recently I came across someone's system configuration using Creek's Destiny 2 amp to match with ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers, the result is warm, smooth and highly detailed at the same time. I have the much older ProAc Tablette Ref 8 speakers, just wondering if this amp would be a good match?

At the same time, I'm also considering the Arcam CD37. Will it be a good match with Creek Destiny 2 Amp, or will the Creek Destiny 2 CD make a better combination?

I consider warmth, smoothness, lack of any brightness or exaggerations being the most important qualities in a system.

Many thanks!
You might also wish to consider NAD which i have historically found a touch warmer than Creek. I have not A/Bd these two units. Good luck and enjoy!
Can't offer an opinion about the amp question, but I imagine the Arcam FMJ CD37 would "play well" with pretty much any partnered equipment possessed of reasonably balanced sound. I bought one as a temporary replacement while another sacd player was being repaired. To my surprise, the CD37 performed so well and so far beyond its price point I've continued using it with no urge to upgrade at all. It is a real "sleeper" on the market if you ask me. The review from techradar is spot on in my experience. As an aside, I never really got the UK obsession with "PRAT" until I heard this player. It opened my ears and mind to a new audio virtue.
Thanks for the valuable info! Actually last night I auditioned the Arcam CD37. Asked the dealer to put in Pavarotti & Friends and Mahler Resurrection symphony CDs. Even it was switched on cold, at the loudest and most crowded passages, the player always keep the soundstage nicely organized. Pavarotti's voice and a fellow singer's voice were nicely separated, while the background instruments were kept at a distance from both voices. Even at the loudest part (both instruments and voices), the player never lost its composure and didn't got driven into brightness. However, you can hear every detail in the disc solidly positioned within the soundstage. It was a class-act for CD players in this price range.

As for the symphony, I was simply enjoying it. The depth (even height at the right moments) projected behind the speakers were on par with the Unico CDE I've heard, only the Unico is more diffused around the edges while the Arcam has more well-defined images.

For vocals, the gentle nature of the player continues. It has enough details and longer than usual trailing vibratto in voices that make them sound real, but you can hear the treble slightly rein in so as not to agitate the listener. Of course, in some cases hotter treble gives more excitement. But for me, a more gentle, civilized presentation only enhances enjoyment and let me hear more into the music.

Of course, I've heard better players (e.g. Ensemble Dirondo, Audio Analogue Maestro 192/24, the new MBL slot-loading player etc.) but they're way beyond the Arcam's price range.
You might also consider posting this in the appropriate forum. You are likely to receive more reponses.

I am sure you would want to buy my two pairs of Marantz M-22 amps. I've used them in bi amp mode with my ProAc's and they provide great sound. Let me know.