Best budget A/C cable for Krell?

KAV-300i integrated and KAV-250cd/2 cd player
You might want to check out Cullen Cable. I have been very pleased with their performance. I have the Avius on one amp and use the Crossover Series II on another amp and power conditioner. Good luck in your search.



Zu Mission-which can be had on Ebay direct from Zu- and,
are two that come to my mind.
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Geoffkait has frequently mentioned the Analysis Plus Pro Oval power cord as a great value.  Turns out he wasn't joking ;-).  Don't know what it will do for your Krells but worth considering.  Priced very affordably with free shipping and a 45 day return allowance at Musician's Friend.  
Keep an eye on eBay. I just snagged a DH Labs Power Plus for under $70. I have got some good deals on the Zu Audio Mission PCs off of eBay too.