Best Budget 2 Channel?? Music Hall a25.2 or Outlaw

I am looking to get a budget two channel integrated. I am lookning at the music hall a25.2 and the Outlaw Audio RR2150. Any suggestions on others or these?

I use the Outlaw in a bedroom system with a Cambridge Audio Azur 540 DVD player and Rega Ara monitors. I went with the Outlaw because I needed a tuner in the system. The tuner is very quiet and sensitive.

With that said, the Outlaw has an excellent amp section. I prefer it to the NAD C320 BEE that I used for a few years. The Outlaw has a lot of clean power. With the right recordings, it is a very pleasant and satisfying listen.

A lot of thought went into the design of the Outlaw RR2150. Check out Fremer's review on the Stereophile web site.

What speakers are you planning to use?


Keep an eye out for Emotiva products. Like Outlaw, they are an Internet-only seller. Their price/performance ratio is VERY high and I find their products to be much more attractive than equivalent Outlaw products.

I have made several purchases from them and have also had to make a warranty claim. Their customer support is *outstanding* - very friendly, quick, and accurate. Their HT electronics also come with a 5 year, bumper to bumper, *transferable* warranty.