Best brand of cable for B&W N802?

I have been using Purist Audio Design Proteous rev B for 5 years now. I have recently purchased a pair of Transparent Ultra XL and compared them. I found the PAD to be more lively and realistic and the Ultra a little more like a reproduced sound. I am using a Krell AVS and 300S and I am curious if there is anyone that has tried NBS or PS Audio Lab Cables, etc. Please tell me how you selected your cable.
I liked the Kimber 3035. It provided a very colorful and balanced presentation. I had a tube preamp and ss amps when I used them.
Krell1, you might consider the new engineering marvel from Purist, the Venustus. It is less expensive than Proteous and in some ways better than Dominus.

I have been testing two pair of these in my system and don't think I will go back. They are being formally introduced at CES in Jan, but I think they are available now.

They are less romantic and liquid than Dominus, especially in the midrange. They are wider bandwidth and blacker (lower noise) than any cable I have ever heard. I got nearly 2 DB increase from my phono by putting one between my Walker table and Io phono. The .2 MV Koetsu's fragile signal must have gotten through the new wire a bit better than previous cables.

I have no reason to believe the speaker wire will not follow the same trend in balance and performance.
Try searching in the archives of this forum. There have been numerous threads on this subject. There may be some very useful info there for you.
I really appreciate everyones post here but still have not found what I am looking to hear. I have searched in the archives prior to this post and still came away unsure. I was never really familiar with Kimber, and I know someone who tried the Venustus having owned other PAD and had nothing to rave about. I have seen a few interesting coments on Tara that has me thinking on them, but I was also thinking of NBS or PS Audio. I can't beleive no one has tried more combinations with all the N802's out there. Thanks again for all the response.
A freind of mine got nice results from Krell into 801N's with wire from Mappleshade.I believe he liked it so much he was going to upgrade to the Omega Mikro.When helping a freind set up a an FPB300 into 803N's I suggested Cardas Gold Reference as it seems to tame some of the midrange "brittleness" of the Krell.But you may may not hear it as much as we did setting things up.
i have pretty much the same setup as yours. i am very happy with synergistic cables, especially the new X series stuff...
You may want to give Cardas Golden Reference a try. I use the bi-wire version with my N802's and Krell 350MC's. The sound is deep, extended, transparent and smooth. Speed, detail, and dynamic's are all there. They don't cost a small fortune either.
I too am a proud owner of Krell components? I suggest you try Pure Note cables They are an excellent match for Krell and B&W speakers (I own ML speakers). These cables are very liquid, not at all like many silver cables. Perhaps they will have the tonal balance you are looking for.
Has anyone ever tried the NBS line. I hear they are more musical than most anything else and very detailed. I hear it is like a best kept secret and could this be true. I am going to do the cable shootout starting with Proteour and the Ultra XL which is already not my favorite. I am planning on getting a NBS Master III cable to compare soon. I then will sell what some and maybe get some others later on to try, and I will post my findings then. Happy listening :-)
I used Zu Cable Wax. I actually bought them on Audiogon!

Sound good, and they offer oversized spades which is a NICE fit for the speakers.
I have now compared my Purist Proteous with Transparent Super & Ultra XL, & NBS Master III. Durring my comparrison I found myself liking them all for their independant characteristics but the Proteous was like a worn glove. I kept liking my return to them with both the interconnect and speaker cable. The NBS would be a great match if you can afford to move up the line like Omega 1, but my wife was the deciding factor in that she only liked the PAD Proteous.