Best brand CDR/CDRW!

Hello Folks! Can you please recommend best brand cdr/cdrw, there are too many on the market and I don't have time/money to try them all. Your feedback is much appreciated.
IMHO, HHB Model 850 or 850 plus. Make sure you feed it quality media.
I have only bought and tried one, but I have been very pleased with the results. Tascam CDRW 5000. I use Illuminations D60 RCA digital cable and a Meridian 506.24 player as source. The recordings I make onto TDK 700 MB CDRs are in every way preferable to the original CD.
If you want CDRW capability, then go with the HHB CDR 850. If that is not important to you, go with the HHB CDR 800. The 800 is an older unit, but it uses the Pioneer stable platter mechanism.
Plexor! By far the best CD burner around, just a little pricey. Other than that Yamaha is the best quality for your buck. Look for your options and make sure you have a good enough buffer. 2 meg for 8X, 4 meg for up to 12X, and you want an 8 meg for anything higher. Overburn is a must if you ever plan to copy anything from the recent gaming industry...or you want to squeeze in as much as you can per CD.