Best Box Sets?

I'm looking to buy some new music and thought box sets would be a nice place to start. I listen to all kinds of music so I'm looking for recommendations on well done box sets for various artists, musical genres, and periods. Preferably ones that have been remastered or come from the original master tapes.

For instance, I was at Best Buy today and was going to buy a Motown boxset, Martin Scorsecse presents "The Blues" and Rolling Stones Box Sets but then I figured let me ask around first.

buy the artists you like.....not the ones i do.
Well as I said I like all kinds of music and 9 times out of 10 if they are worthy of a box set chances are I like them or have heard enough of them to consider buying their collection.

Most of my favorite box sets are in jazz. Just a handful you might consider:

Ella Fitzgerald - The Complete Songbooks
Billie Holiday - Verve and Columbia box sets
Louis Armstrong - Portrait of the Artist
Thelonious Monk - Complete Riverside
Art Pepper - Complete Galaxy Recordings
John Coltrane - Classic Quartet Impulse Recordings
Bill Evans- Complete Riverside
Duke Ellington - The RCA Centennial Box (24 CD monster)

You can't go wrong with the boxes from the Mosaic label, if you like jazz. If you don't, none of these recommendations will be of much use to you.

Love jazz my man and there's where good recs come in handy as their are so many jazz re-issues.

Pretty much anything done by Rhino. Check out their website. Also check because they catty quite a few of them and for $5.99 per disc shipped you can't go wrong. The Dylan SACD box set is available at for less than $100, for instance.
Stevie Nicks: Enchanted boxed set ... amazing
Depends upon your taste in music and how detailed you want to get.

I've had some box sets and then gotten rid of them because I ended up buying all of the individual releases. The only one that I haven't been tempted to replace is also the most expensive and that is Pink Floyd's Shine On Box set. Since everything in it is "remastered" I had no desire to pursue newer copies as they were released.
It does depends on your taste. I enjoy Johnny Cash "Unearth", Ameican Roots Music from the PBS series, The Bands "The Last Waltz". But thats my taste, I enjoy Americana style music.