Best bourbon?

I noticed there are threads for scotch and vodka so we need one for bourbon too.
What do you think is the best bourbon? I can't pick just one but I think that buffalo trace and Elijah Craig are both very good, especially at ~$30 for a fifth.

Eagle rare is good stuff.

I have been enjoying Old Weller 107 lately. It's got a nice rich chocolaty flavor.
George T. Stagg.

It will redefine your understanding of what bourbon can be. But drinker beware: 141 proof or so.
The Hirsch 16 and 20 year old bourbons are not cheap, but smooth and extraordinarily complex.
In selecting bourbons, one should distinguish between wheated (eg Makers Mark) and non-wheated (Knob Creek) as they are very different one from the other.
when you say 'wheated' are you referring to rye content? i dont care much for knob creek.

i notice that when i drink a bourbon like Bulliet, it has a much more raw or spicy flavor. i've been told thats because of the high rye content (relative to maker.)

i still think for my buck there's no better buy than Eagle Rare 10 year, if your going to drink it neat or on the rocks.
It means MM uses red winter wheat in the mash bill, of course all bourbons by law must be made from 51percent corn MM is no exception. Some other bourbons like Basil Hayden for example use a higher mix of rye, giving it a lighter, spicier character. That's what makes bourbons special, strict standards but leeway to make each unique.