Best Bookshelf System for a Bookshelf

I'm looking for a bookshelf system to use as a second system for the den. I will probably hook up the TV to it, but we hardly watch it anyway, so I'm more concerned about music. Important characteristics are: (1) speakers must sound good (or at least as good as possible) placed in a bookshelf; (2) electronics must be vert small to please wife(I'm currently thinking Linn Classik or NAD L-40; and (3) total price less than $2,500 (used is ok). What should I audition?
Three bookshelf speakers that work quite well on "bookshelves" are the Linn Kan, Castle Acoustics Isis (discontinued and hard to find) and the Castle Acoustics Richmond (which can often be found discounted in the USA for under $350 from its $500 retail, don't let the low price fool you as they are all great little speakers. The better the electronics, the better the the Castle speakers sound and the Linn Classick would be a good choice, IMO. It also mates well with the Linn speakers (of course). The Linn Tukan (discontinued, but still around) might also be a choice as they are designed for close to the wall placement. I had a problem with my home demo of them, but it was because of a mismatch with my amp and they did sound good in the showroom on Linn and Plinius electronics.
Try the Tyler acoustic reference monitor.They are front ported and designed to be close to the wall.They are a very nice and musical sounding speaker and can be had for about $1300 to$1650 used depending on finish .
I have the monitors and lindbrooks and love them.Very easy to drive.
Check out www.tyleracoustics for a listing of used models.
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After extensive looking and proding I have to agree with Dekay. I looked and looked and ended up getting the Castle Richmonds. They are fantastic. I use them as true bookshelf speakers with a Jolida tube amp and the work wonderfully. The best source for them is Jody at Brooklyn Audio here on AudiogoN. Sound aside Castle is the only make of bookshelves even close to this price that makes genuine wood veneers and they make some beautiful ones check it out at