Best bookshelf/stand mount speakers

Hello everyone. I tried moving my speakers in the room several times and in different places, but still not able to achieve that "it" that everyone is chasing. Currenlty running a pair of Penaudio Serenades on a VAC PHI Beta integrated amp. All first class equipment (as much as I can afford) and was thinking on switching now to smaller form factor speakers to hopefully better compensate for my room deficiencies. I know that this is a whole different topic, but please stay with me for a minute on this one....
I was looking at the Magico Mini II, Q1s, or TAD Compact. Absolutely glorious sound, but unfortunatelly out of my league...
Can anyone please make a suggestion on something similar size and performance wise?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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I am not sure if Vapor Audio is on your radar. There is a very nice pair of Cirrus speakers with matching stands for sale on Audiogon now. Upgrades include amorphous core Raal tweeter, and major crossover upgrades. These are amazing speakers,that can play with the big boys. I recommend buying used if you want to avoid long wait times. I own the Breeze model which are much less expensive but are also stellar performers.
Lenehan ML1 Reference have been directly compared to the Magico Mini and bested it:

As you can see its much cheaper - but dont let that fool you - it uses hellishly expensive Duelund VSF Copper capacitors way ahead of what even Magico uses.

I live about 40 minutes from the maker and know him and his product very well having been down there many times checking stuff out and own quite a bit of their gear.

If you like TAD
You should check out Pioneer S-2ex ($4500)
Others to consider would be Joseph Audio Pulsars, Selah Audio Tempestas, Evolution Acoustic Mmmicro Ones
I'll second the Joseph Audio Pulsar suggestion above.

***Joseph Audio dealer disclaimer***
Check out the Von Schweikert Unifield 1's or Unifield 2's. They are very nice and extremely musical. The bass is incredible.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Very interesting ideas and many models I was not aware of. I saw the Pioneers on Audiogon, will have to read more. ALL are great leads and your time and effort is appreciated. With best regards and happy listening!
Reference 3A mm de capo i speakers. Placement is critical, but once you get it right the soundstage is huge and the sound is magical. You can get them used for about $1200.00.
Even though I have had issues with Vapor Audio I can't disagree on the sound the Cirrus produces with the Amorphous Core RAAL tweeter. I wouldn't call it a bookshelf speaker since it will give a full range speaker a run for it's money. If you can get a pair without much hassel and frustration then they are to be considered. The Joseph Audio Pulsar is another I would consider if you can find a good deal. The Focal Diablo is a piece of art but I felt you are paying more for this than the sound. The RAAL ribbon tweeter in the Cirrus cabinet is a very serious contender. It can take up to a year to get a pair which can be a hassel.
to be honest the Chinese woofer in the Vapor does not bother me at all because it still sounds so good.
Yea don't let Chinese woofers worry you. A lot of people get too caught up in really high end drivers. The fact of the matter is in practice cabinet resonances swamp the possibly lower distortion etc of such drivers.

This conversation, today, would also have to include the Salk Silk. Pulsars for less than half the price? Pretty much. Raal tweeter. Scanspeak Illuminator mid/woofer putting out sick amounts of bass from a 5 1/4 driver. Crazy detail and neutrality. Rock solid imaging. Not the most efficient speaker, but that's about the entire list of shortcomings I've noticed.

Jim Salk is a stand-up guy with terrific customer satisfaction instincts and communication skills. The Silks play lower than the larger Reference 3a mm De Capo i's I replaced -- with a smaller woofer. The imaging precision difference is immediately noticeable. I LOVED the De Capos! But the Silks? With that stunning (standard) veneer? Wow.
I think Ridge Street Sason's should be in this conversation as well
Excellent stand mounts
If you're talking BEST stand-mounted speakers, I would suggest what I have: Trenner & Friedl ARTs on dedicated Sound Anchor stands.
$4k for the speakers. $750 for the stands.