Best bookshelf speakers

I’m building my first high fi system after being more of a portable audio person. I want to start with the speakers. Space is limited so bookshelf speakers are a must.

Balanced and revealing with a hint of warmth.
Midrange most important to get right over highs and lows
Timbre is super important - I listen mostly to acoustic music especially jazz
But I do need some bass as I also listen to some electronic music
Smaller is better but SQ is most important
A speaker that sounds good with different amps but also scalable with high quality sources
Wide sweet spot - I wont have money for a great amp at first but want them to be scalable for later

These speakers have caught my eyes - any thoughts on them?

Ascend Sierra 2s - Ribbon = dispersion limitations?
BMR Philharmonitor - See above. Also massive.
Buchardt S400/S300 - Wary of the sudden hype train and limited info
Silverline Minuet Grande - Limited info
Reference 3A De Capo - This caught my eye as a potential endgame speaker if I could blow up my budget a little. But concerns about BE tweeter as well as some potential snake oil stuff (cryogenic treatment (!?)), exaggerated sensitivity claims and wonky measurements put me off.

What else should I be looking at?

Edit: I could have sworn I had <$2,000 in the title... Anyway, my budget is 2k.

@ihor I looked at the Omegas - I love the idea of simplicity and midrange purity. But I heard the single driver struggles with more complex music - is that true?

Just a general observation - why are speaker demos usually done with really simple music? Like this, for example:
I think folks who have not heard well designed single driver speakers say that.  Not sure what you consider complex music.  I listen to a wide variety of music, including jazz (small groups, not Big Band), Americana, alt and classic rock, the full range of classical (solo piano to string quartets to concertos and symphonies) and very few times felt that the Omegas were struggling.(sounding a bit congested).  That was when I really cranked up the volume LOUD.  The Omega's produce quite a startle on Starvinsky's Rite of Spring!  If you are willing to give their 30 day return policy a try, and let them break in fully, you will be very pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied - their midrange and timbre are hard to beat, especially at their price!  I think the youtube demo is trying to show how fantastic they sound with small combo's and the human voice, and not because they can't handle more complex music.
I have Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus speakers.  Hard to go wrong with them--great all rounders in a small package.  Very easy to place. 

But I think the Omega's look great too!
BTW.  I only have experience with the Omega Super Alnico Monitor, so my comments only apply to that speaker.  My Omega's are along the narrow wall of a 17x25x9 ft room which is open on the side and opposite wall.
Taaw your arguement is totally flawed you don't think that a Chinese made product from a company that has built their own factory, has designed ever part together and has the financial resources to spend hundres  of thousands to millions of dollars can't make a better speaker than a guy in a garage using off the shelf parts?

It has nothing to do with margins, those companies can afford to build a product a much lower cost because they can produce in huge volumes which drives costs down which enables them to have money for marketing, service and support.

Listen to the Quad S or Z series monitors they will totally shock you for the level of sound quality for the dollar and Quad builds everything in house that includes the drivers, crossovers, cabinets even the binding posts are made by Quad.

You may have heard some big companies products that you didn't like but the reality is still the same, you just may not have heard a product from another big company that might have blown you away.

Go listen to the Quads they are incredible so incredible that they have been winning speaker of the year in Europe for the last few years and the new Kef R series are also rather good.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ