Best bookshelf speakers???

My listening room is about 11' x 13'. The speakers need to go in a bookshelf. Floor-standing isn't an option (my linn keilidh's are saddened by this turn of events!). I'm pretty much sold on the Peachtree 125 as I can get a silly discount on it through my company. I need some help with the speakers---I've heard the Totem Rainmakers (told they're great for this application), friend is recommending the Silverline Minuets. Some talk of Monitor Audio and even the Peachtree Design 5s.....anyway, since they're oging to be in the bookshelf itself, a rear port won't work. That may rule out the Silverlines. Any thoughts---budget ~ $800/pr. Audio source is mp3-quality.
Dear Crowd of Monitor Users, where do you put the Dynaudio C1 (either I or II) in the list of preferred speakers. Opinions?
Audioadvisor as PSB GB-1 on a great clearance price. Front ported, should do well in a bookshelf. I have not heard them however, but I would try them if I could.

Boy I can't wait for my kids school loans to be paid. :]
Hi Glen

I just checked Audio Advisor and the PSB G-Design GB1 Bookshelf Speakers are no longer available at all.

To the OP check out the KEF Q300 loudspeakers. I have them now right up against a wall in a room with similar dimensions as yours and I really like them. They can be found used sometimes at 1/2 your budget.
Jedinite24...Timing is everything. Wish I could have moved on them when I first came across the deal.