Best bookshelf speakers???

My listening room is about 11' x 13'. The speakers need to go in a bookshelf. Floor-standing isn't an option (my linn keilidh's are saddened by this turn of events!). I'm pretty much sold on the Peachtree 125 as I can get a silly discount on it through my company. I need some help with the speakers---I've heard the Totem Rainmakers (told they're great for this application), friend is recommending the Silverline Minuets. Some talk of Monitor Audio and even the Peachtree Design 5s.....anyway, since they're oging to be in the bookshelf itself, a rear port won't work. That may rule out the Silverlines. Any thoughts---budget ~ $800/pr. Audio source is mp3-quality.
I agree with Tpreaves and others that the OP should change from MP3s to a lossless format. Storage is cheap, so why not?

But I'm not completely convinced that a blind A/B between formats would reveal huge differences in SQ for the contemplated system. Anyone do the relevant comparisons on comparable kit?

dc10audio Berlin II mini monitors!!! For older little speaker David D-50! Small Sonus Faber good too but not to effiecency.
You don't get the best pair of bookshelf speakers for just $ 800. This you proberly already know, but a more accurate title to this topic would be appropriate here. Otherwise an interesting subject.
I ran a pair of Monitor audio silver with my integrated Mc amp. I love the sound. it was warm and detail. I than got a pair of used revel performa F30. Wow, it was a keeper for me. I would look for a use pair of Revel performa m20 or the M22 with good sub.