Best bookshelf speakers???

My listening room is about 11' x 13'. The speakers need to go in a bookshelf. Floor-standing isn't an option (my linn keilidh's are saddened by this turn of events!). I'm pretty much sold on the Peachtree 125 as I can get a silly discount on it through my company. I need some help with the speakers---I've heard the Totem Rainmakers (told they're great for this application), friend is recommending the Silverline Minuets. Some talk of Monitor Audio and even the Peachtree Design 5s.....anyway, since they're oging to be in the bookshelf itself, a rear port won't work. That may rule out the Silverlines. Any thoughts---budget ~ $800/pr. Audio source is mp3-quality.
The B&W 685s are an excellent choice for the price I believe in the $600.00 area. Monitor Audio is another great brand. So many to choose from but you can't go wrong with the 685s.
I'd look for speakers designed to play close to boundaries, which relatively few speakers are.

One possibility is the North Creek Kitty Kat (; a kit a bit outside your pricerange, but might be worth the stretch.

I am using Von Schweikert VR-1s in a wall bookshelf and they are fabulous. Used price should be about $600. They disappear and the sound is tall and wide with pinpoint localization of instruments and a natural timbre of voices and strings. I added a small sub but they go to 50 Hz in room.
Audio source is mp3-quality.

Personally, this is the first thing I would change.
Given the source quality, I think the best alternative for an appropriate price, $300-$500 might be Audioengine 5+.
I am using a Sonus Faber Toy monitor and I really like them in my 12x14 home office. It is paired with a Cayin TA-30.
Tetra's 120U, Triangle Titus 202 are wonderful close to wall, if you can find them used. If you have placement flex, consider Silverline 11's (with Rainmakers). I own them all. If I had to chose, easy...Tetra's have the greatest flex and sound great. My room is your size.
Good luck.
I auditioned a lot of speakers in this price range for my winter system, and ended up with a pair of used Totem Rainmakers. Absolutely love these speakers. I push them with a tube preamp and class d amplification, all digital music. Sound is brilliant. I use stands, so I'm not sure how they would sound in a book shelf.

Hope this helps.
I second the thought of Tpreaves. MP3 isn't hi-fi quality.
I started placing my speakers inside bookcases to make it difficult for my cats to get at the speakers. The bookcases are sealed back, as well, so I have a box inside a box situation.

The best performing speakers in this situation were the Rega Ara (now the R1) and the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1. The worst were the Totem Mites, B&W 302, and the Spendor SA1. So-so performers were Energy RC10 and Wharfedale Diamond 9.1. I have tried a few speakers out.

The box inside a box situation is a killer. Speakers that perform well near rear walls, may not do well with a furniture ceiling an inch or three away. Make sure to place the speakers as close to the shelf's front edge, as possible. You will not get good sound separation, so don't torture yourself trying. You can get good sound, though.

Unfortunately, mp3s will not sound as good as CDs or vinyl. Fact of life. Could actually negate all the effort put into getting the best speakers.

I agree with Tpreaves and others that the OP should change from MP3s to a lossless format. Storage is cheap, so why not?

But I'm not completely convinced that a blind A/B between formats would reveal huge differences in SQ for the contemplated system. Anyone do the relevant comparisons on comparable kit?

You don't get the best pair of bookshelf speakers for just $ 800. This you proberly already know, but a more accurate title to this topic would be appropriate here. Otherwise an interesting subject.
dc10audio Berlin II mini monitors!!! For older little speaker David D-50! Small Sonus Faber good too but not to effiecency.
I ran a pair of Monitor audio silver with my integrated Mc amp. I love the sound. it was warm and detail. I than got a pair of used revel performa F30. Wow, it was a keeper for me. I would look for a use pair of Revel performa m20 or the M22 with good sub.

Do yourself a favor..get "THE CLUE" bookshelf speaker out of Seattle from the Sjofn Company. The reviews have been over the top and Stereophile went nuts over it and rated it a 10/10. Other reviews have been remarkable. It will play lower than any other speaker for its size currently on the market. Plays all the way down to 28 hertz. It will take 100 watts or 1000 watts. Cost $ 1000.00 a pair. A giant killer for its size. Its only 14" high and weighs 17 pounds.
12-31-12: Jburidan: "...I second the thought of Tpreaves. MP3 isn't hi-fi quality..."

Jburidan and all the others nailed it! MP3 quality recordings simply fail to measure up by a not-so-subtle degree.

Stepping up to new hardware in an attempt to improve your listening enjoyment w/o first upgrading the quality of your source material is an exercise in disappointment.

Good luck
Dear Crowd of Monitor Users, where do you put the Dynaudio C1 (either I or II) in the list of preferred speakers. Opinions?
Audioadvisor as PSB GB-1 on a great clearance price. Front ported, should do well in a bookshelf. I have not heard them however, but I would try them if I could.

Boy I can't wait for my kids school loans to be paid. :]
Hi Glen

I just checked Audio Advisor and the PSB G-Design GB1 Bookshelf Speakers are no longer available at all.

To the OP check out the KEF Q300 loudspeakers. I have them now right up against a wall in a room with similar dimensions as yours and I really like them. They can be found used sometimes at 1/2 your budget.
Just the truth.. dc10audio Berlin! by big margin!
Jedinite24...Timing is everything. Wish I could have moved on them when I first came across the deal.
I've owned the Silverline Minuets and really liked them. But I recently found another sub $1000 monitor I like even more and I would stack it up against any bookshelf speaker under $1500. It is the Aperion Grand Verus Bookshelves and they cost about $700. The finish is spectacular (mine is in high gloss cherry although black is also an option). Do I like them as much as my LSA-1 Statement monitors? No, not quite up to that level (nor should they be considering the LSAscost 4X as much) but they are very close. Also the 10 year warranty and free shipping (both ways if you decide you don't like them! Who else does that?). Really no way to lose with these and you can try them out risk free but I don't think you will return them. Truly incredible and not just for the price. Just my .02.
Best of Luck!
Gallo CL2. $796 and free shipping both ways. World class tweeter to boot.