Best Bookshelf Speakers 1500 Used/New

Am looking at trying something different and getting rid of my Nautilus 805's. Leaning toward Soliloquy 5.0s Bookshelves due to their tube friendliness. I am going to power them with an Audio Electronics Superamp in triode mode @15WPC. Any other suggestions?
In that price range consideration could be given to the
Coincident "Triumph Signature", very tube friendly and an outstanding speaker, in fact this speaker matches other speakers in your price range at a considerably amount of cost savings, retail is $1099.00.
joseph audio 7signatures
Sonus Faber Electors. Retail 3500 but I have seem them used in your price range. Gorgous wallnut cabinets with incredible sound. I had the room to put any size apeaker in it yet I picked these over everything else I auditioned. Unbeleavable sound.
go to the tyler web site, he has three pairs used under $1,500!!
Yea, get rid of that stupid 15 watt heater. Ha. Why would anyone still believe in tubes in the 21 century. Hey, if solid state had been invented first do u think anyone would bother to try to bring tubes to market. NO!! U need to read the current issue of The Audio Critic.
Have a listen to Silverline SR-17. Easily driven by your amp, right in your price range, nice looking units, too. They'll speak for themselves if you give 'em a chance.

Very few have heard of these speakers but Audiovector M1 Supers are the best I've heard. It's an audio secret.
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