Best bookshelf speakers???

My listening room is about 11' x 13'. The speakers need to go in a bookshelf. Floor-standing isn't an option (my linn keilidh's are saddened by this turn of events!). I'm pretty much sold on the Peachtree 125 as I can get a silly discount on it through my company. I need some help with the speakers---I've heard the Totem Rainmakers (told they're great for this application), friend is recommending the Silverline Minuets. Some talk of Monitor Audio and even the Peachtree Design 5s.....anyway, since they're oging to be in the bookshelf itself, a rear port won't work. That may rule out the Silverlines. Any thoughts---budget ~ $800/pr. Audio source is mp3-quality.
I have a decco65 driving silverline minuets, pretty good sound but I like my spendor speakers better (different system).
Audio source is mp3-quality

Personally, this is the first thing I would change.
Try the NHT super zero's along with their SW1 subwoofer. I have these in my bedroom about your size and they are simply great. The sub has an outboard amp that has all controlls you need. You can get them on the cheep either here or eBay around $500.00 all in. Good luck.
Recommending Epos Elan 10 or 15. I have the 10 and works perfectly for exactly the same size room.