Best bookshelf speaker?

I am considering several bookshelf speakers, including Focal Sopra 1, Focal Kanta 1, Kef Reference 1, and the Bowers and Wilkins 705 S2 signatures. I would consider others as well.  Detail, clarity, and imaging are important to me. Any recommendations? 
If $$ not a concern, and sound quality rules, I’d cross Kanta and B&W 705 off the list. Listen to both the Kef and the Sopra and decide. They sound very different. I’d think the Anthem integrated would pair fine with either.  My choice would be Kef but you'll find just as many who'd prefer Focal - personal taste.  Gotta listen for yourself
“Best” in any audio equipment category is a very subjective unicorn Invariably, what gets posted here are the latest far-too-many options current biased faves. All are worthy options, but regrettably have no assurance of synergy with the OP’s undefined associated equipment.

IMO a necessary distilling down of the many possible models predicates the following adjustments

- first . A listing of what the associated equipment consists of,

- second. A better summary of budget ($9K-ish ...Y/N?) and consideration of possibly stretching it. Intuitively this also requires a decision between “new” versus accepting “preowned “ because there will a list of contenders versus pretenders at the various ascending $$$ strata.

audition 1 contender : “manageable” budget strata of $9K-ish new ....
= +1 for the REFERENCE 3a de CAPOs or their current model REFERENCE 3a REFLECTOR

Audition 2 contender for comparison: a true dragon-slayer “Best Of ...” but it sits in the top-price point-strata ... The incomparable RAIDHO D-1.1 stand included) ($25K new);... so look for them pre-owned. I have seen them voted as best of show at major audio fests.

Thanks for all of the recommendations!
+1 Pulsar, or Prism may be enough as well and save you some $$$.  Frankly, I’d suggest you try the LSA-10 Statement available on sale here new from manufacturer for $2499 with a 30-day trial period and save even more $$$.  I’d be surprised if you return them given what you’re looking for.  Best of luck.