Best bookshelf speaker reccomendations?

I currently have the platinum solos (hence my screen name) and have been considering upgrading them in the near future. I love them, but am just curious to see if anyone out there has moved on or has some relevant comparisons. On my list are the following:

AAD 2001 (phil jones new replacements for platinum)
Wilson benesch ARC
B&W 805 signature version
Revel GEM or M20
JM Lab micro utopia
Piega P-?

Currently evolving system: CEC TL2X and monarchy DAC (to be replaced by audio logic 2400 or similar), Pass X150 and soon to be X2.5 preamp.
I don't know what your price range is but I am told by a number of my well learned audiophile friends that the kharma 3.2 is hard to beat- and considering its a monitor that makes it even more impressive. The verity parsifal(not encore just the monitor top) is an outstanding little speaker though it doesn't have enough bass performance to satisfy me.
Try the Reference 3A DeCappo's. Most simliar-but-better that I can think of.
Put the Revel M20s on your list. With killer stands you'll go to heaven. I love mine....
I've heard the 805's numerous times. Very nice sounding speaker, of course, depending on what you have in front of them. I was in the market very recently for the same thing. I opted for the M20's and they should be delivered this morning. I don't think I will be disappointed.
Try listen to Dynaudio special 25, a new bookshelf to mark their 25th anniversary and they give you 25 years guarantee,this thing is the new flagship for the Dynaudio bookshelf.
I've got a pair of AAD 2001s. They are great speakers but are quite hefty! Very dynamic, just a slight touch bright, and sound great with a lot of power. I demoed them with a ML 383, they sounded great. Hoooked up to my 4B-ST they really kick it up with great dynamics, but aren't quite as smooth as they were with the 383. Unless you're a bass head, you won't need a sub with the 2001s if you give them juice.

I've listened to N805s several times, but not the signature. The standards are a lot more laid back than the 2001s and not as good at the same price point, IMO.

I haven't heard the mini utopia, but I heard the micro in a very lousy room and they still sounded great...probably better than the 2001 but I only listened for about 10 minutes so it's hard to say, plus the micros might not be as good.

I've heard the M20s are very good, and I've heard the Gems are the best monitor out there, period, but I've not had the chance to listen.

I meant to say that I listened to the mini utopias, but I haven't heard the micros. Sorry about that (knew I shoulda previewed that first!).
From your list I don't think you'll be interested in the speakers I like best, the Dynaudio Special 25 or 1.3 se. If you want linear response at the expense of emotional involvelemt the Revel M20 is it. I actually think the B&W 805 is a great speaker in the B&W range and I like it as much as the 802 which is far more costly. Look at the MErlin TSM/VSM; I think it is the best match for you.
Sound Dynamics 300ti. There is/was a pair for sale here on the 'gon. No, they are not mine. I own a pair for my second system.

Can you elaborate on the Dynaudio special 25, I had actually forgotten to add it to my list. Why don't u think it is a good match?

Right now i have B&W CDM 7nt's. I was thinking of upgrading them.... I think my system has evolved and they have become the weakest link. I have always owned B&W. I was considering a Rel sub and Naut 805's. Since I want to buy used ..I can't demo many speakers. Any reccomendations at this price point? I have listened to the Revel M20s and actually didn't care for them. This is actually a plea for advice! What should I do!?!?
Spendor 3/5 or 3/1 P. Beautiful music, not hi-fi. You'll have trouble listening to anything else, unless you need hyper detail in which case the Spendor is not for you.
Well it' s not that they wouldn't be a good match for your current set up it's just that they sound extremely different from the speakers you mentioned, almost all of which I am not a fan of. The pass will do fine with the 25 actually. The 25 has such an open tonally rich sound that makes the B&W for example sound like a screeching monitor... The Jm is far mor refined than the B&W but again far too forward for my liking.
I also vote for Spendor or Harbeth since you use SS electronics. Some of the above mentioned speakers are on the lean side if things (JM Lab, Revel, Dynaudio) and are tricky to make musical w/ transistor based amplification.
Quad 11/12Ls...I auditioned every monitor under the sun for almost a in point...a buddy who has Maggie 1.6s described the Quads as "very big and very open"...their soundstage is huge...and for their size...bass is clean,deep,and tight...and in the QUad tradition...they are very transparent and imaging has a scary 3-d realism...downside:they are unforgiving on poor recordings and equipment....hey, nothings perfect! Build quality is world class too...
For value for $ - try the ELAC models - awfully good for 3 digit prices...given some of the limitations in placement and so on when people literally "bookshelf" a bookshelf speaker, these do a great low 4 digit job at a 3 digit price...
I've been listening to the Airpulse Model one's (Phil Jones' latest speaker) now for about two weeks and I have to say I'm very impressed.  If you're interested in going the active route I suggest you consider them.  I would have to say for their price they would be very difficult to beat -  60 day money back guarantee as well