best bookshelf speaker for a Naim system

I'm looking for a speaker-at around $1500- to use with a Naim cd-5 and nait-5.
I have to place the speakers on shelves- and of course I want something with decent low end ( for this kind of speaker) as well as something that clicks with the Naim integrated-
thanks in advance for the feedback-Adam
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Dear Adam, I have a Naim CD5 player and am using Totem Model 1 signature speakers which I think sound fantastic. Totem speakers are made in Canada. Their at While I'm not using a Naim Amplifier in the system, I am confident that you would be more than pleased with Totem Model 1 Signature speakers when used with your Nait5. Let me know which speaker you have select. cordially, Richard
Adam, Linn speakers go well with Naim equipment. The current bookshelf is is the Katan. Linn Tukans are the previous model if you can find them, (no longer in production). Dan
There is no better place to ask then at the Naim users forum at

Good luck
Spendor speakers match well with Naim...the 3/5s and the 3.1s are bookshelf size.
Proac tablettes or Soliloqy 5.0s both sounded great when I heard them.
Dont think many speakers can hang with the Totems, they are very special.
I own Naim Nait 5 with a CAL Cd and I have them paired with Kef 104/2. While this is a large full range floorstander you can get the same sonic character with the smaller reference speakers from Kef. The 101, 102, C60 etc can be had at a very reasonable price used and are comparable to new speakers costing $1500-$3000. Also someone mentioned the Tukan...nice speaker available used for about $500 -$600 if you are patient. I have also demoed the Nait 5 with Dynaudio Audience 42 and 52 and these also pair well. Used examples of the 40 and 50 can be had for less than $600.
Good Luck