Best Bookshelf speaker 1300.00 budget

Imaging/clarity are most important. Will be used as 2 channel stereo system with no sub. Don't need alot of bass for my listening..however some is needed. Have listened to Revel M105 1300.00 pr and from reputation Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 for 850 or so. Willing to listen to recommendations. This is for a small living room that is not closed in...10 by 12.
Try to find a pair of Celestion SL700s.
I liked the vapor breeze for around that price
Proac 1SC, great sound, great value in the used market.
New or used? If you are buying used the Spendor 3/5 or Harbeth P3ESR are great little speakers. I have owned both and they will not let you down.
The new Spendor S3/5R2 was just reviewed in Stereophile.They list for $1595,with the usual dealer discount of 10% or more off that would be about $1450. If you can stretch it give them a look. They would be perfect in your size room.
I think you are making a mistake not buying used, especially if you were to find a pair of Harbeth P3esrs. It's hard to find a monitor speaker clearly better for even $3000 and they are build like tanks so buying used is rarely a problem.
I'd try to listen to the Paradigms and Dynaudio Excite X12s.
Bookshelf speakers should be sealed, and I would recommend Quested S6R.
Also,what kind of music do you listen to? Harbeths may not be best choice if you listen to rock music. Maybe someone could comment on that.
Silver line Minuet Supreme may also be an idea.
Try a used pair of system audio SA2K they retailed for $3600,
Sometimes come used for around $ 1200 hard to beat for that price,
Impressive construction.
Tannoy Revolution DC6

WHAT HI FI 5 star rating & best buy

Best standmounter £350-£700, Awards 2012. Detailed, dynamic and fast on their feet, these sound just as good as they look
also come in a floorstander model

"...The floorstanding versions of these speakers, the Tannoy Revolution DC6T, were 2011’s Award-winners at the £800 level, and this is our first look at their stand-mounted siblings, the Tannoy Revolution DC6.

Tannoy’s WideBand Dual Concentric driver layout makes a design and style statement, with the 2.5cm Titanium dome tweeter recessed just behind the middle of the 15cm ‘treated paper pulp cone’ mid/bass driver.

It certainly looks the part; sonically, it should make for a focused, better-integrated sound that excels at dispersion too.

We certainly have no complaints when it comes to the quality of the DC6s’ build. The silver trim around the driver and matching Tannoy badge are smoothly finished, while the biwirable speaker terminals feel well put together.

Tannoy DC6: Sound quality

Reproducing The Chemical Brothers’ We Are The Night, the Revolution DC6 speakers are certainly fast. The driving kick drum skips along apace, while bass notes sound tight and punchy.

There’s decent weight and depth for a cabinet this size, too. With plenty of layers to the track, the speakers do a fine job of pulling all the aspects together, making for a brilliantly integrated, solid sound, while at the same time giving each instrument plenty of room to breathe.

Bill Evans Trio’s Night and Day requires an agile, dynamic delivery, and the Tannoys show themselves very capable at stopping and starting on time for that sense of rhythm and excitement. And while they’re far from shouty, these speakers are entertainers, providing an absorbing listen.

Vocals, as delivered by Adele, are smooth and expressive but again, nicely bedded in to the music, never sounding detached or forward.

Tannoy DC6: Verdict

We might have guessed that these Revolution DC6 speakers would be supremely confident all-rounders. Sure enough, they’re easy to listen to, endlessly enjoyable, nigh-on flawless speakers for the money ..."
I'm picking up a pair of the new KEF 50 anniversary speakers for a second system. I also heard the new SF bookshelf speakers are special.
The Dunlavy SC-1 has been out of production for some years, but still remains a benchmark in bookshelf size performance. All of the Dunlavy line of speakers from the mighty SC-VIs on down were built to the same standards and each lab tested before being released to the public. Dunlavy still has quite a loyal following and is often a revelation to those who come upon these speakers for the first time.
I was thinking of going with dulcets from Ref 3A..however ill need tube amps etc and that can run me another 1200 or gotta keep dollars down
De Capos used will give you what you want.

I have used mine with a number of tube amp, primaluna, vista audio and now a 4 wt Decware mini torii still get the bass thump
I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better imaging speaker than the Joseph Audio RM7xl, but you'd have to buy them used to hit your price point. Best of luck in your search.
I would look at kef r300. I compared directly to the kef 50th anniversary monitor and found it as clear as the 50th but more musical and better bottom end. Both have great clarity , imaging and soundstage. Best
Also suggest used. With a little research and watching audiogon, you can get 2 to 3 times the speaker for the same price. A year ago, I bought a pair of $4000 speakers for $1800. They are as new in all respects - and I'm really glad for the extra quality of sound.
Does anybody recommend I get the Dulcets for 1800 or so from Reference 3A ??
+1 on Proac 1SC, I almost bought a pair years ago. Also Dynaudio 1.3 MkII, which I've had for years. When you can find either of these speakers they are in your budget.
That said, you might check either companies' current monitors and see if "newer is better" since designs change, hopefully in the direction of improvement
I have a pair of Triangle 30th Anniversary Comete monitors which are outstanding if you can stretch your budget a few hundred dollars. Imaging and clarity are certainly strong points with the 30th Anniversary Cometes and they stomp the excellent standard Cometes across the board. Used Merlin TSM's or new Omega single driver monitors also deserve consideration.
If you are willing to spend 1800 you might want to also consider the Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne that I think sells for 2000 without stands. I think Ref 3A is a good choice too though.
A nice pair of Harbeth P3ESR'S are listed here,I would make an offer on them.They are outstanding monitors.
Second the Vapor Audio Breeze. A steal at their asking price, which is right at your $1300 budget. If you are looking to spend $1800- 1900 the Vapor Audio Stiff Breeze is an amazing speaker at $1895. Heard them at Axpona this weekend and they are alot of speaker for the money. They are an MTM version of the Breeze and will play down to about 40hz without a problem and can play quite loud without congestion or losing their composure. Highly recommended.

The other day, I spent close to an hour searching the web for someplace in the United States to purchase Tannoy speakers. For all I could uncover, they are not sold here!


The other day, I spent close to an hour searching the web for someplace in the United States to purchase Tannoy speakers. For all I could uncover, they are not sold here!


Contact AUDIO EDEN up here in Toronto
that's where I bought mine (They are a TANNOY dealer)

ask for Mike or Robert
I found some at their website.
Yes I am a big Legacy fan but I find it hard to equal their Studio HDs at 1575.00 with anything under 2500.00.
If you can afford the extra cash their black pearl finish is outstanding.Its like a piano finish.
Hearing is believing go check them out.
With sensitivity of 93 DB.
How many bookshelves give you an 7"driver and a ribbon tweeter
to boot?
Audition a pair of GoldenEar Aon3 or Aon2 stand-mounted speakers before you buy. GoldenEar is well-distributed and it shouldn't be hard for you to find a showroom nearby. You may want to see if you can bring your own amplification. The GoldenEars are very revealing of the quality of electronics upstream, and the showroom may have them paired with a mass-market receiver which won't do the speakers justice at all.

These things are smooth, transparent, musical, and definitely don't need a sub, especially in a 10x12 room.
Used Guru QM 10s. Check them out . Can stand right against wall.
Any showroom who wouldn't allow you to audition with your own amplification is not worthy of consideration!
In a 10 x 12 if you need sub amplification ask yourself if price is everything?
Nola Boxer
Totem Rainmaker

Do you actually plan on placing these inside a bookshelf cabinet, or on an open shelf or on stands? If they're going in a cabinet then you definitely want to avoid rear ported speakers since the cabinet would act like an enclosure, as mentioned above.

KEF 102 Reference series...if you can find them...shouldnt have to pay more than $400 used. Great speakers.
Going to place them on stands. What I have narrowed down my list to..Kef LS50, Revel 105, Nola Boxer, Vapor Breeze, and Dulcets from Reference 3A
Proac Response 2. The original front ported model, not the rear ported 2s. The front port allows more flexible placement in a small room.

Available for under $1,300, and sometimes under $1,000 used. Check the reviews.
KEF LS50 is only ported speaker I have heard that doesnt sound ported (many have bass hump and start huffing at higher levels). LS 50 has incredible drivers and technology for the money. Will be used in my second system with CJ Premiere 350 amp and equally good source components. I believe the LS50 will rise to the occasion with high quality supporting gear.
BTW i have heard Proac D2 and it is a great stand mount. Exceptional at imaging.
I agree with Podeschi about how well managed the port is in the LS50. I've got a real bias against ported speakers in my small (11x12)room but the LS50 works in that room remarkably well and is the first ported design I've had in there that doesn't start to get on my nerves after a few weeks of listening. It's a nice speaker. I rotate it in and out of the system along with the Harbeth P3ESR and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite as each has its own strengths and weaknesses vs. the other.
It is going to be pretty hard to beat the Vapor Breeze at that price point, I had the v 1.0s in my house for a while before buying the Cirrus, they were a very capable little speaker. The new iteration with a stepped baffle and more refined crossover is stellar value at that price point. I will probably pick up a pair at some point for my secondary system.
I would definitely buy the KEF LS50.

It has amazing sweet extended sound. Nothing beat LS50 at this price point.
As imaging and clarity are most important, and you won't be using a sub, I would recomment active monitors. I use the QUAD 12L Actives in my bedroom system, and they are very revealing with superb imaging. They extend down far enough that I never feel the need for a sub. It also negates the need for finding synergy with an amp, as they are built in.

I run a DAC with volume control, then into a Grant Fidelity tube buffer to warm them up a touch, and it sounds lovely. There are a ton of actives out there...worth a listen with your requirements. BTW, I also own the Totem Rainmakers and they are also fantastic...but in a very different way. :-)

While given the budget you have stated for a bookshelf requirement I would normally jump to recommend a used pair of Tyler Taylo's (check them out). But if clarity and imaging are most important I have to agree with the Proac recommendation. The Tyler's will do most of that however, and give you that added bass you may want. If you can do without the bass to some degree, you also can not ignore the Harbeth P3 in your search. You should be able to audition both British speakers if you live near a major city - I would highly recommend trying to do so if you can. A final recommendation would be Totem's monitors, new or used (many models to choose from).