Best Bookshelf/Monitor in $2000 range??

I've been auditioning B&W 805's, PSB Platinum M2's, Epos 5's. Have anyone heard the PSB M2's? Recommendations Please.
I listen to POP ROck Blues and Jazz.
Check out the Reference 3a Dulcets if you get the chance; one potent, musical little speaker with a special, direct-to-the-music sound.
If you are handy, you can make one for less! Try a scan speak kit. You can google search for them. I am making a proac 2.5 for about $600. Kits are easier still. These places have kits. Vifa woofers are good - scan speak better still - richer and more echo to the sound.
Try to audition the Hyperion HPS-906. I have the bigger brother and listen to the same genre of music as you do.