Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair

I had the elac Navis I thought they were very good until I heard the Elac vela Which was much better In almost every aspect I’ve also listened to the Revel  126Be which were absolutely destroyed by the Elac’s.I am downsize my system from Martin Logan electrostats and quad 2905 And would like a bookshelf that would have some of the same attributes of the quads. I listen primarily to jazz and would like to stay under $10,000. (Fast transient  response, resolution/detail, musicality)
I’m driving the system with a PS audio direct stream dac directly connected to a primaLuna evo 300 Power amp. I’m thinking of switching that out possibly for a pass labs 25/30.8, or possibly a benchmark power amp.
Check out the Trenner and Friedl "Sun" speakers; under $4000.  Ken Micallef of Stereophile said ". . .the best small speaker experience I've ever had." See "" I bought the SEAS tiny co-ax drivers (RE12-XFC from Madisound, built the recommended cabinets, bought the fancy crossovers, and they sound great. DIY for under $600 including cabinet. Add a subwoofer and they're hard to beat. 
Please go listen to Paradigm Persona “B’s”. $7k msrp but used much less. Great clean detailed sound.
I second the recommendation on the Focals. A lot I like about them. 
I have owned a pair of Totem Signature Ones for a couple of years that I very much enjoy.

 If I had your budget, I would probably grab a pair of Totem Element Fires version 2. I listened to them for a couple of hours at a local dealer. Beautiful noise! Blistering speed on attacks and transients, presence,  palpable holographic sound stage, highly musical, and at 7k, you will have some money left for other toys. Drops down to 30 highly accurate  cycles, so you will get most of the frequency range and almost all if any instrument barring the lowest registers of a pipe organ. But having listened to pipe Organs on them (and lots of other tunes) you’d have to really know your stuff to notice what’s missing. 
I personally owned the Wilson Audio Duette 2's with a Raven Reflection MK2 integrated tube amp. Simply put outstanding sound.  You can get the Duette 2's used for 10k.  Sunny's audio in California has a demo pair available.
I was in the market in this segment for a while and have heard a few of the things mentioned in this thread, so will share my $.02. As always, no offense intended to those who disagree. :) 

Paradigm Persona: I have heard the B's and 3F's and just couldn't warm up to them. They sounded rather brittle and not organic at all, klling tonal and dynamic nuances. The combination of beryllium drivers and 3rd order x-over just does not work for my ears.

Focal Sopra: I think I heard the bigger ones, not the No. 1's - Jerry Siegel @ 10audio likes the No. 1 and I have liked a number of components that he does. That said, the bigger Sopras do some things well but I just can't get over the Focal voicing which is slightly forward and nasal and a bit fatiguing and unnatural to my ears.

TAD: Yet another hard-sounding speaker to my ears. Perhaps I just didn't hear them set up properly (it was with an Ayre EX8 which didn't sound like a good match at all) but the midrange was thin, upper midrange coarse and treble peaky. I have yet to hear a beryllium driver my ears can tolerate.

Dynaudio Special 40: a very fun speaker, big tone and dynamics but the bass response is not very even, sounds underdamped and resonated badly on certain cello notes. 

Dynaudio Contour 20: a more detailed and neutral speaker than the Special 40, but a little dry and uninspiring. I found the Special 40 more enjoyable. 

Boenicke: I heard the W7, but I imagine the W5 has a similar character. A very interesting speaker, cool looking and full of character which can be a pro or a con depending on your ears. The cabinet is designed to have some sympathetic resonance which can sound magical but colored. Same for imaging, it initially sounds holographic and spacious but after a while it feels a little gimmicky. If you like euphonic effects it could be great, but it's not what I would call accurate. 

Audiovector SR 1 Arreté: This, along with the Silverline SR17 Supreme, was my reference monitor for a couple years, until I upgraded to the SR 6. It lacks some body, is finicky to match and sounds a little flat at lower volumes, but dialed in just right it's remarkably transparent and insightful, and for such a small speaker it is amazingly clean playing crazy loud. I find it preferable to all of the above, and the new R1 model should be better (less dry).

Silverline SR17 Supreme: For situations where the Audiovector was a bit too lean and analytical, I turned to the Silverline. Some of the best drivers Dynaudio has every produced, perfectly meshed with a minimal crossover that results in a more seamless, organic sound than anything I've heard from Dynaudio themselves. Only major knock is the cabinet has some lower midrange resonance which results in some congestion at high volumes, rather euphonic with acoustic music but the Audiovector is cleaner for rock/electronic. A music lover's speaker that doesn't sacrifice resolution or transparency.

Wilson TuneTot: the pair I heard wasn't fully broken in, but regardless it was wholly unremarkable.

I haven't heard the Fritz speakers - was in touch with them but didn't get around to an audition - but have very good things about them. 

I know the OP was looking for a bookshelf, and I am a mini monitor fanatic myself, but for $10k I would try to check out the Audiovector R 3 Arreté. It has pretty much all the virtues of a bookshelf, with dynamics and bottom end few can match, and the footprint is tiny. TAS just published a review.