Best bookshelf for House Music

Hey guys. Please, just help me to pull the trigger. I have a list of the speakers I'd buy. They must to be all small but strong and powerful bookshelves to play House Music.Feel free to suggest another model/brand. I know most of you guys would say I must go for floorstand speakers but I have no space.

Thats the list Im considering:

- PMC DB1i

- Proac Studio 100 or 115 ( maybe a used Response D1)

- Dynaudio Focus 110A

- Spendor SA1

- Harbeth ( any model which is on the same range of the above)

- B&W CM5 or PM1 ( I've heard they are not that good for the type of music I do like but I can consider)

- Dali (I just like so much the Ikon 6 tower so I could get a Ikon 1 or 2.. but maybe they are too big and not as strong as the others. I just considered them because I can get them cheap ).

- Monitor Audio GX100(new gold series)- some people said MA is not the best for that type of music but..

Please, let me know your guys sincere opnion.


Proac 115 with upgraded crossover and tweeter and woofer should be on the list.

Dali Helicon 300 (used) will extend your listening session. Ribbon tweeter combo tough to beat.

Also look at Vienna Acoustic Haydn which images like crazy.

Hopefully you have a great amp that will control mid-bass woofers.

$359.00 WWW.123DJ.COM They will blow you away sub optional
but you won't need it. '
I'd look into a Dynaudio C1. But I don't see how a monitor on a stand is that much smaller than a small footprint floorstander. Anyhow, the C1 is very dynamic with lots of bass. Also, what about a Totem 1 or Mani2?
Without question: Quested. They are active speakers. The model you need is the 2108 (I think). They have an 8" driver with built in amplifier. If you need a hard-thumping monitor, consider nothing else.
To echo peter s's point, unless you are going to actually use the speakers on a bookshelf, floorstanders don't take up any more space. And, if you do use them that way, you must start with a front ported speaker voiced for close wall placement.
Of your list, to perform as you describe, the Dynaudio Focus 110 would be your best choice.
Fritzspeakers Carbon 7. You will be amazed.
may be reaching but to me house music says "party" and party says lots of people moving around and the party world is not focusing on high fidelity and or listening to good recordings. How about some wall mounted (up out of the way) active monitors like mentioned above. Hand them from the ceiling maybe? look cool as well.
I would say Monitor Audio offer better dynamic sound and cleaner bass than dynaudio.Monitor audio is small floorstanding speakers.They have better ports placements than Dynaudio.
Depending on budget, I'd vote for one of the LSA 1 variants. I'm using the Statements in my home theater. Outstanding value for money, in my opinion.

It's unfortunate that you can't do small floorstanders. There's a pair of LSA Statements on Audiogon right now for an unbelievable price due to minor shipping damage. Someone is going to get a huge bargain. (Disclaimer: these were mine. Fedex strikes again).
Atc scm11 or 19 s. Provided you give them lots of power.
For a fraction of the cost of most suggestions here you could buy some Klipsch Quartets. They are large and ungainly, but with any decent amp (I use 12wpc or less) House Music will live in your house. My neighbor said on my deck, with Forte IIs, it sounded like a club he was at in the islands recently (he meant that in a positive way).
Someone has them listed here for about $400 I think. Great budget holdover to compare "real" speakers to while you shop.
Unrivaled party sound, I enjoy my setup with all sorts of music.