Best Bookself under 1000

I auditioned Totem Rokk, System Audio, Paradigm ref 20, Tannoy R1, M2, Coincident Triumph Signature... blabla Which one you could vote for the best bookself speaker for the vocals and nature....
It would be helpful to know what is your amp,(tube or ss?)If you have a SS amp i would absolutely go with Linn Tukan. If low powered tube, Soliloquy 1.2(i think?) The new Tukan's have (so they say)upgraded Tweeter, so it should be better than the older model. Good Luck!
I owned the Paradigm Reference 20s for a year until I bought the 80s.I will NEVER forget those speakers.I still think about them from time to time like a long lost love.The ONLY reason I traded them was because the music I listen to and the small tube amp I have left me wanting for more volumn.The midrange from the 20s is as natural as you will get.The bass is amazing for such a small speaker.They are very,very transparent.I miss them! You can get them for $500.00 or less and with good stands you will have great speakers for under $800.00
the totem rokks are very nice and the sound dynamic rt-3 are also nice my favorite albeit an oldie is still a Pair of Spica TC-50's with a small tube amp I used an old mac 225 and they sounded wonderful mated to a Mx 110 tuner pre amp