Best bookcase speakers for classical music

I love to listen to all types of music, but primarily listen to classical, piano, and a variety of vocal music. What are the best bookcase speakers to consider/purchase -- without using a subwoofer. I have listened to ProAc Tablette 2000 Signature speakers and B&W Nautilus so far. I have a Nakamichi RE-10 (100 watts) receiver. Thanks.
If you are on a budget, I suggest you spend less on the speakers and use some of that money on better amplification. You will be much happier. Assuming you are spending $2K for the Nautilus 805, then a new pair of B&W CDM-1NT will set you back $1200, so you'll have about $800 for an integrated amplifier.

Alternative Audio in Canada has a used YBA Integre with the optional phono stage for $1250 Canadian dollars, which is about US$800 plus shipping. They do ship to the states. This amp will match well with the B&Ws. Their used link is:

Just so you know why I am confident they match well: The small system in my home office which is playing chamber/classical while I type this; is the DT version of the YBA Integre powering the original B&W CDM-1. I almost prefer this small system over my larger one downstairs.

The YBA Integre DT (dual transformer) is a top rated Stereophile integrated (Class A). The non DT version for sale used at Alternative Audio is very close behind. The CDMs are not hard to drive, so you should do fine without the dual transformer version.

ATC Active 10 may be the best deal. It is the only book shelf capable of playing Mahler, incredible piano reproduction (designer of ATC is pianist).
Your pricing expensive speakers in your shortlist. I agree with the idea of upgrading your amplification.

on a budget, you can't go wrong with B&W 303's for only $300 list, should mate well with you system. The next line up in B&W either DM 600 series 2 or 3 (available new and used). also paradigm's active speaker, definitive technology's smaller line for bookshelf. Triangle's bookshelf at around $500/pair, listed in stereophile as class B.

good luck, ron
Soliloquy 5.0s. Splendid with classical, voice and acoustic.
For a nice bookshelf monitor, I suggest giving the Meadowlark Vireos a try. I recently tried them in my office after trying the B&Ws, Proacs, and Paradigms and am now waiting for the Ash finished pair I ordered to come in. My local store is kind enough to let me use the store demos (in a different finish) until they come in. I am spending more time in my office (happily) than ever lately because of the Vireos. Best Regards, Aaron
Reynaud Twins and Trentes are two models to look at (I own the Twins). Harbeth owner's would certainly recommed the Compact 7's. Both are considered to be super for your musical preferences. All of these models need to be stand mounted (not placed on book shelves) and if you do not intend on using stands then other speakers would be in order such as those by Castle Acoustics and Linn as they will perform better under these circumstances. If you can swing the space and don't mind a couple of attractive "room dividers" standing around you may want to also investigate Magnapan speakers. It would help if you would describe your listening room (it's size, etc.) and where the speakers can be placed as this is half the battle that most of us face.
I agree with Budrew, the little Soliloquys are fantastic monitors.
Rogers LS3/5As would seem at least a consideration.