Best Bolero

Ravel's Bolero is something very much enjoyed by both my wife and me for various reasons. ;-) The extent to which we agree fully on music is a bit rare so I seek here recommendations for the best sound quality/best perfomance LP (not cd) that anyone out there has experienced. Thanks
Hi 4yanx.. My favorite Bolero LP is played by Pierre Monteux, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra, on Phillips, Stereo 835 258 LY. I would enjoy seeing what others think is the Best "Bolero" cordially, Richard
Thanks for your reply, Richard. I have an old, and now very worn, Columbia Masterworks MC7673 copy by the Philadelphia Orchestra, conducted by Eugene Ormandy. The LP has very good sonics and it is a powerfull performance. However, since my copy really needs to be replaced, it being a bit too scratched for comfort, I was hoping others might have suggestions on definitive recordings. This work has become a favorite of my 15 yo son who, thankfully, has an open ear for a variety of music!
I like the Karajan. I also have a recording of it played on 2 pianos...very different.