Best Bob Marley CD

Best Bob Marley CD. Recording and performance.
The 30th version of Catch a Fire has the original sessions from Kingston on a two CD set. His sound was more organic and acoustic than on the final version, which was made more mainstream in the UK using additional studio musicians.
Natty Dread is a comes to mind as one of the best.
Burnin, Catch a Fire, and Exodus are all superb music and great sounding as well
Legend - Greatest Hits. On Island Records. Superbly engineered.

If you are only going to have one recording, the original and remastered Legend best of CD's are excellent recordings. I also like the sound quality and content on the Songs of Freedom box set.
Thanks all, I can't wait to checkout your suggestions.
Let's not forget Rastaman Vibration and Surival; and his posthumous Confrontation is also and outstanding look at what he was up to toward the end of his life.