Best BluRay Concerts

I just got my first BluRay player and am wanting to buy some concert videos as the sound seems quite a bit better than DVD and figured fellow audiogoners would have some suggestions.
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A good place to look is at Amazon for reviews. Just
go to Movies & TV and type in Blu Ray concerts.
What are you listening too? I own everything from Yes to Marilyn manson! And they are all excellent, David Gilmores newest is excellent, there are many. I picked up a Jimi Hendrix woodstock which is better than the original DVD but still not as good as the best Blu rays. Also the new Rush is really good.

But more to your point the best categorized website I have seen to find what is actually available is Tower records website. They have it broken down to blu ray and then all the sub categories of music concerts.
What are your music tastes? While I prefer Classical, Jazz, and world music I still got a charge out of these:

Jeff Beck performing this week Live at Ronnie Scott's
Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads film by Jonathan Demme
Thanks Undertow, I am into rock older rock mostly. I bought a Moody Blues Lovely to See you because that was all they ahd when I bought my player. I have the Gilmour in std DVD but that was on my list, I will look for the Yes as well. Bye golly I had just bought the Jeff Beck and kick myself for not waiting to get it on BluRay, what a performance and the bass player is a suprise, where will she be in 10 years with her talent
I will say one thing about the newer David Gilmore Blu Ray, yes it might capitalize on the technology in quality over the standard DVD and might be worth the extra 35 bucks to you, HOWEVER the strangest thing is that it does not operate like a blu ray, it operates still with the old menu access etc... Like a standard DVD on this disc for some reason.

I went and replaced a few older DVD concerts with the new Blu ray equivelants and this was one of them, a big reason to me was for the onscreen track access while not stopping the concert and being able to make selections, or Audio adjustments on the fly while the concert is playing.

The Gilmore version is the ONLY one that I have run into that does not use the Blu ray features. Again the sound track and video is somewhat refined of course, however the cool blu ray features of blu ray disc content is not active. I will have to try it on another player to see if its limited to a firmware upgrade, however this was dissapointing considering this blu ray concert is much more expensive than most.
Zappa's Baby Snakes,The Bands Last Waltz for starters..
Sheryl Crow , Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks and the new Steve Winwood / Eric Clapton all are excellent in Blu Ray.
I do wish there was more.
ZZ Top and Heart I enjoyed, along with a bunch of the others already listed.
Chris Botti
The Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana.
Once again MoFi it becomes more apparent your tastes differ from mine. I somehow envison posters on your bedroom wall of these artists as well:)
Theo, knowing the type of music/artists you like, I can also recommend High School Musical 1, 2 AND 3.
Try Demi Lovato if you like Hannah- Demi's hotter, and I like all her posters.
Chris Botti live is a must have, simply out of this world. My reference disc, possibly above any SACD I own.
This from the guy that doesn't Like Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Bruce Cockburn, etc. Gee two posts from you on this.
I thought for sure you'd be camped out in front of your speakers listening to the 1910 Fruitgum Co.'s greatest HIT, double LP set! Ooops I forgot it's friday!! Disco night at MoFi's.
Rush's Snakes and Arrows. Saw the show live and it was amazing!
Andrea Bocceli

Live in Tuscany
Jeff Beck @ Ronnie Scott's
The Hendrix vids are great
Zep Song Remains The Same
The Who
Thanks for the ideas everyone.....even yours mofi I know you have a birthday coming up and a blu much for suprises
there may not be any surprises but this may negate the neck tie with the pictures of various fly fishing flies on it although if that's your thing as well...
I do all my fishing at Red Lobster
David Foster - The Hit Man

simply fabulous blue-ray!
Clapton & Winwood live at Madison Square.
queen concert in canada, i have not tried the lossless audio format but the image quality is very good. I t was shot on film and they did a great job on the trasfering