Best blues today

Forgot to mention IMO the best blues guitarist out there today is Buddy Whittington. Check out his work with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. He plays a Strat straight through a Dr.Z MAZ Senior with no effects! Try that all you distortion boys, and try to get your expression across. I heard a mention of Johnny Winter and no doubt one of the best but I saw him last year and it was pitifull. He had to be walked on stage by two men holding him up and then did the whole show sitting down. Just kind of jammed with himself and the band followed. Obviously still on the smack.
KAL DAVID and the real deal. Check out the cd "live at blue guitar"
You won't be disappointed.
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That's too bad about Johnny Winter. I saw him about seven years ago and it was one of the best shows I have seen, and I have seen many, including SRV,Clapton,BB King ect.

Another great blues guitarist still touring is Elvin Bishop. He was a founding member of the Paul Butterfield blues band and left after a few albums for a long and successful solo career. An enthusiastic showman, his down home guitar style is more laid back than the other artists mentioned here.

Also, check out Deborah Coleman. One of the best of a newer generation of blues guitarist.
He may not be the "greatest guitarist" and his/their music may not be the "heaviest" blues, but Robert Cray and his band, along with the Memphis Horns, does it for me.

........don't know if Buddy Guy is still touring or not, but I saw him 8-9 years ago, and it was the best live performance I've ever seen. Powerful blues. Cheers. Craig
I don't have much Blues music, but I do enjoy the Keb Mo CD's.
Are you sure about Johnny Winter and the drugs? I thought he had cleaned up. I remember reading somewhere that he is ill with a disease related to being albino. I know that albinism often leads to poor vision and blindness, which could explain why he was led on stage and played sitting down.
Just went to Google and punched in Johnny Winter to see if I could get the straight scoop on whether he is suffering from blindness or is back on drugs. The mystery takes on another "is closed for non-payment" Hmmm.......
When in doubt, tell the story in the worst light possible. A great American preoccupation. Hello CNN. Hello Fox-News. Face it, the rock and blues artists (and all other performers for that matter) of our youth are aging, as we are. B.B. King does his show sitting down now. Should he be condemned for it? Many fine blues guitarists around. Do we have to come with a "best blues guitarist"? Why not propose Chris Duarte or Coco Montoya or Joanna Connor or Bryan Lee? The list is long. I say just enjoy a performer for what he/she makes you feel and forget treating music like a circus or strong man competition. From the bluesy mid-fi trenches, good day.
Wow, I have seen Johnny Winter about 4 or 5 times and every time I was blown away by his playing, he just was so much better live. I have heard he has some health issues he is dealing with, I think the drug thing is far behind him ( I hope). I feel he never really got the recognition he deserves, he is one of the best in IMHO. TG
Jay Giles (yeah that guy)and Magic Dick should have won best blues record of the year a few years back. Real Chicago Blues. The CD is call Blues Time, buy it and thank me later.

Also Gregg Alman form the Brothers had one out about two years ago that was really excellent too.
Tinsley Ellis overall will knock your socks off every time..great voice, playing and song writing. Duke Robillard is the jump blues and swing king. Curtis Salgado is the most soulfull singer i've seen in years and is a hell of a harp layer to boot. As far as Johnny goes i think he has some serious health problems, has for a few years now as i recall. Hats off to him for still getting out there.

I play a 335 and a strat through a Dr Z prescription with Phillips NOS tubes. I use only a tube screamer to boost solos and ocassionally a H&K rotosphere to cop the B-3 thing. The Z amps don't need no stinking effects, they just kill.