Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green

I know Clapton is God, but is he a better blues guitarist than Peter Green.
I see a lot of names tossed out here, but I wonder what standards people are using to pick their favorites. The biggest factor will always probably be "goosebumps" -- or who *moves* you the most?

Maybe we can fine-tune (or broaden) the question with some more specific questions, like:

Who's the "smartest" blues player (twists up chords and scales)?
Who's consistently best over a broad range of styles?
Who's got the best tone?
Who's got the best technique?
Who's the most soulful?
Who's broken the most ground, or is the most innovative?
Who plays it best like it "should" be?
Who can play with the most subtlety?
Who can play with the most ooomph?
Who's king of the telecaster/stratocaster/les paul/acoustic?

The list could go on, but for me I think it would take many, many names to cover the bases above. No one takes the gold medal in my book!
I wouldn't call Hendrix a blues guitarist by any means. He could certainly play a blues and add his specialness to what he played; witness Red House and Voodoo Chile but he did not front a blues repertoire and that was the focus of this question.
In my humble opinion, many of the responders to this question are including fringe blues players that are really more rock n roll. Blues is more than a few songs it's also a lifestyle for the men and women who can really be called blues players. To me, the artists that have had longevity and consistency with the style rather than exploring other genre better fit the question being asked.
I saw BB king in the 60s and again last year, he epitomizes the consistency I'm referring to.