Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green

I know Clapton is God, but is he a better blues guitarist than Peter Green.
SRV's music is the best to me. Whether or not he's the best technically, I don't know. Clapton is too Top 40, imo.
Pops is "right on", Buddy Guy is the best. I saw and HEARD live him several years ago and he is a fantastic performer and a great blues guitarist-- with a smile that would light up Montana. His version of "Mustang Sally" is killer. In a interview, Eric Clapton once referred to Buddy Guy as the "best blues guitarist in the world", and I agree. And yes, Clapton is great too. I have some of Peter Green's music and while I recognize his talent, I don't particularly like his music-- a little too "jazzy" for me I think. Cheers. Craig.
Huddie(LeadBelly)Ledbetter - As the dead historical choice. Jimi Hendrix - As the dead rock/electric choice. Buddy Guy - As the living choice. I'll have to check out Melvin Taylor, never heard his stuff.
Cody....pick up a copy of Buddy Guy's CD "Damn Right I've Got the Blues", and exciting listening. Craig.
I loved SRV but since he is no longer with us I have to give Kenney Wayne Shepherd the honour.Another great guitarist whom is no longer with us was Danny Gatton.He was not strictly blues but man that guy could play.