Best Blues Comp for 4th party...

Blues and "q" go hand in hand...I like the 1973 release from vanguard titled "The Best of Chicago Blues"...a double lp set(on CD too)...which features Buddy Guy,JB Hutto,Otis Spann, and many more....can anybody top this? is sweeter than homemade pie...a killer lp (sound is not audiophile...but who cares...its the performance baby!
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the chess blues box is pretty nice

Alligator's 20th Anniverary (2 disc set)is a classic blues sampler.
John Lee Hooker and Friends.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Willie Dixon's chess box set because it has both songs that he recorded and his songs that others have recorded.
Lots of blues labels have some good samplers: Evidence has a couple or three of them, focusing on guitar, harmonica, and, I think, keyboards. Also, Blues Revue mag. has been putting out some samplers. They contain a pretty ecclectic mix, some of which is not to my taste, but, it's quite a selection; and the price is right (Free!). Finally, I have an Atlantic blues sampler that has Buddy Guy, Luther Allison, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, etc.--and it has been one of my favorite blues CDs for a long time. I think that it's called "The Great Chicago Guitarists" or something like that. It's a Good Un!
blues classics is a pretty killer 3 disc set

takes you up to 69 with all the heavy hitters and some other fun stuff thrown in