Best blue ray player on market?

I'm contemplating selling my Oppo 205 given the absolute crazy prices on them currently. 

What is a worthy replacement at this time ? What are the alternatives to blue ray currently? 
BTW, I'm not even sure they are real.  I mean, yes they are posted for that much but is anyone buying??
If you're talking about ebay, go down the left option column and click on "Sold items". Next, go to top-of-page and type "Oppo 205", This will show only sold units and what people paid. BTW, the market seems to be cooling a bit.
eBay sold items average around 2.5k used 
good way to check market price on any item 
Does the OP want a Universal Player?  Sony and Yamaha are the only game in town, I believe.  For Blu Ray only, LG and Samsung
Reavon from France is coming out in April. The front looks like the Oppo 203. The basic 100 model will be about $1000 and the top of the line the 200 will run about $2000. Should be interesting.
For DVD and Blu-ray playback we're still using the OPPO UDP-203. For 4K Blu-ray we use a Panasonic DP-UB820 because of the HDR tone-mapping feature.
There was another thread I posted on that was similar (not sure if it's the same person).  It's going to be very hard to beat (or even meet) the Oppo 205.  The best I can suggest is the Panasonic UDP-9000 ($995) combined with the "Complete MOD" from the Oppomod website (another $990).  At that point, you are seriously competing with the Oppo 205. 

At that point it might be worth it to you if you can sell the oppo for around $3k.  However, I have seen them go on ebay lately for as low as $1800-2200.