Best blank CD-R

Has anyone out there found what they consider to be the best CDR blank. I've been trying several, and the really cheap ones do sound somewhat degraded. I've had good luck with TDK. I'm using a Harman Kardon dual tray burner. Thanks!
the best cdr is the cheapest cdr.
I've no difference in sound or durability.
I might agree with the above, although a friend of mine inisists that some are more prone to losing data than others (immediately, and after time). We burned some demo CDs on some BASF CDRs that we bought from Guitar Center, and they were pretty nice. THey had a ceramic coating on the top. THey might not sound any different, but they're heavier...they may be more stable in the player (that's my quasi-scientific take on it, anyway).
Hi Monroemed; I've used Maxell, Memorex, TDK, Sony, and the less expensive Nashua, and at least in the short term, they all sound good. I can't tell them from originals. Cheers. Craig.
I have tried quite a few diffrent brands, and I have always thought the TDK 74 minute for computer brand sounded best. I think there is a diffrence between the 74 minute and the 80 minute brands even. I was answered in a similar post a few months back that the Ampex gold was very good, I haven't tried them yet though, as they are rather hard to find.
I'd have to go with TDK as well, Mitsui isn't bad either. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to CDR's. The less expensive/no-name variety do not have a very long shelf life, nor are they resistant to scratches.
Oh Boy I can just hear the hi end audio marketing machine looking for ways to market a "superior" audiopile green edge coated, stabalizing matted, 24K gold plated $100 for a set of 4 blank CD-R's....they will line up
Dear Justlisten, you couldn't be more right! I Read your comments and had to laugh! Thanks to all you folks for the input. Ejlif I saw that post RE: Ampex gold, and like you haven't been able to find them. From the feedback above I doubt I will continue to try, unless someone has had great experience with them, and they haven't yet given feedback. Thanks everyone
Check out some of the recentposts on the subject. Someone lists a link to a site that focuses on CDRs and it gets complex. THey don't talk about them sounding different, but they do talk about reliability and dependability, out of the box and over time. They say that 16 factories are producing all 250+ brands, and several factories are good...some make garbage. CHeck out the's worth the time.