Best Bike to ride before a good listening session

Ellsworth Truth, of course
I just road my Giant mountain bike here in Michigan yesterday through 20+ inches of snow and a wind chill of -24!

One word... SCARY!

I live in a small town and cant see warming up the car to go to the post office, lol.

My new Cervelo is a 51cm, the older Trek 5200 (1992 original version OCLV) is a Trek so-called 54cm which is more like a typical 52. To be honest, I much prefer the fit of my smaller 51cm, with sloping top tube.
I like to ride my neuvo retro '89 Serotta Nova Special. 56 cm of classic columbus sl goodness updated with full downtube shiftin 9 spd dura ace. Snow causing me to put the miles in on my Puegeuot/Campy Athena/one-up trainer in front of the main system but once the snow melts the serotta will take it's rightful place.