Best Bike to ride before a good listening session

Ellsworth Truth, of course
Well, despite the cooler and wet weather I have managed to get a few rides on my new R3. All I can say it is amazing. Fast, rigid, light, and surprisingly comfortable. Just sweet going up hill (under 16 lbs loaded). And all the roads feel like they were newly paved, whether they were or not. Beautiful in the turns. Love the compact crankset. No complaints, other than it took 4 months to get. see picture on my system page
right now, in the middle of winter I am riding my bike during my listening sessions. See my old bike sitting in the middle of my audio room on the Cycleops Fluid2 trainer, with a bunch of Spinervals DVDs to keep me motivated. Just ordered a virtual reality one of climbing Alpe d'Huez etc. while listening to Radiohead ???

Favorite CD of 2007 for riding my trainer: Of Montreal: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
Too many options here in my garage which can be used year round in Arizona.

If I'm stressed; a MTB ride is in order on
A) light weight 5.25" travel bike Ellsworth Epiphany with XTR,Avid Disc,Chris King,Crossmax XL, etc...
B) Bombproof 6" Travel, Ellsworth Moment with XTR,Evil bash guard, Chris King, WTB/Mavic wheels,Fox Vanilla RLC..etc light enough to pedal up anything.
C) Something Eclectic - Slingshot folding Frame MTB with XTR, ultralight everything (Easton,Avid Ultimates,Chris King, custom built wheels) Zokes Fly
D) Grocery runner - Single speed "steel is real" - Ultra cheap to prevent theft..

For something more relaxing..

A) Merlin Ti, Durace, FSA comp Carbon cranks, Chris King (headset,hubs), Easton lightest all carbon fork/steerer, and carbon Easton bars... 16.2 lbs with 14/15gauge trainer wheels.

B) Feeling some effortless cruising 1-6hrs :Kawasaki ZX14 - must use earplugs for 186hp/113ft/lbs at the rear wheel (Full Brocks Ti Exhaust, Power commander, TRE, etc..)

C) Feeling like a rebel - 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 (metalic orange) tricked out with Ohlins rear shock, ZX636R front end, radial brakes, Arata Ti Full Exhaust, Power commander, custom dyno mapping 130hp, LSL Superbike bars, CRG levers

Yeah I'm not married and I don't have a girlfriend..

Thom_y: Your creative use of your stereo room is awesome.. You should get a helmet cam and film your summer riding to re-live during the winter practice sessions... or get a winter place here..
When I had a bigger place I practices on my Kreitler Rollers (They will fix your pedal stroke or you will die trying) in front of my Magnapan IIIa's... the only problem was when I got tired I would slide off (20mph) and put skid marks on the floor because of breaking to prevent running over my system!

If you are into euro motorsport racing.. Speedtribe ( worth getting on DVD.. great CD to listen to and the DVD is qued to front242... amazing cool effects with the camera...