Best Bike to ride before a good listening session

Ellsworth Truth, of course
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Well, despite the cooler and wet weather I have managed to get a few rides on my new R3. All I can say it is amazing. Fast, rigid, light, and surprisingly comfortable. Just sweet going up hill (under 16 lbs loaded). And all the roads feel like they were newly paved, whether they were or not. Beautiful in the turns. Love the compact crankset. No complaints, other than it took 4 months to get. see picture on my system page
right now, in the middle of winter I am riding my bike during my listening sessions. See my old bike sitting in the middle of my audio room on the Cycleops Fluid2 trainer, with a bunch of Spinervals DVDs to keep me motivated. Just ordered a virtual reality one of climbing Alpe d'Huez etc. while listening to Radiohead ???

Favorite CD of 2007 for riding my trainer: Of Montreal: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?