Best Bike to ride before a good listening session

Ellsworth Truth, of course
Any bike is a good bike to ride before a good sound session.

I once had a Klein Attitude, but sold it due to my propensity to flip over the handle bars. Next in line was a GT GTS, full suspension with a carbon fiber frame, That did not survive my collision with a large elm tree.

I now ride a Banshee Scirocco on dry trails, and a souped up trek 930 in the mud.

To tell you the truth, I really love the feel of the steal frame. It does not beat me up at all, and gets me home without a tender rump.

This makes sitting down during a listening session, much more pleasant.
My new Cervelo R3 with DuraAce, FSA Compact Crank, FSA K-wing handlebars. 15.4 lbs without cages. Too bad it just arrived yesterday (on back order) ... As winter approaches I may just get to look at it sitting in my audio room.
I'm on a tricked out Giant advanced TCR. at 14lbs (yes actual weight on a scale) it is a pleasure in the Bay Area hills
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