Best Bike to ride before a good listening session

Ellsworth Truth, of course
I also committed sacrilege as I own this frame with the Dura -Ace group set. I LIKE Dura-Ace. It is just like the tube VS. SS gear arguement. Get the C40!
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Well its shaping up to be a very exciting tour after all. Again, like last year I have been glued to OLN,, and, instead of listening to music. And when I'm not watching the tour, I am riding my Trek 5200 a lot more this year.

Unfortunately, I have been also looking around in a couple of bike stores recently. So, I decided to defer my turntable or replacing my PC's, and instead I ordered a new bike yesterday:

Cervelo R3 road bike. Like emmlabs, I am proud that it is Canadian and in fact, is made in my home town, Toronto.
Jamis Eureka ...fitted with hybrid tires for pounding the W/OD Trail. Did I mention you can ride to the Old Dominion brewery from this trail :)

Happy Trails my Friends!