Best Bi-Wire speaker cable under 500

Looking for a 8ft. Bi-wired speaker cable (seperate runs) with Large spades. Want a neutral cable without color and brightness. No more than $500. Any suggestions?? Thank you to all feedback.
At there are new (old 1999 version) MIT MH-750 Bi-Wire Cables. They would be around $450 to $500 at your length, which is half-price from what they were new at a dealer. For around $200 you could get the new (old 1999 version) MIT Terminator 2 BiWire which is less than half price when at the dealers new.
I am extremely impressed with my six foot analysis plus oval 9 biwires. My experience is limited, but they might be the best speaker cables I've heard. So good, that if you have to worry, you worry too much ! They sound as good as my $1100 red dawn (didn't direct compare) cables, and (in my system), better than the single wire/jumpered MIT 750 reference. Excellent cable - it just happens to be cheap. I wish I could find some interconnects with this price /performance ratio !
I have some Analysis Plus Oval 9 that may meet your needs
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