best Bi Wire

opinions on which is the best bi wire, Nordost Frey or Kimber Kable Bi Focal XL . Or is there anyone who has one they think is best beside these two in the $1000 to $2000 range
Best speaker cables I have heard at any price are the Spatial Audio quantum field cables. I've had top-of-the line cables for the likes of Acoustic Zen, Straight Wire and others that are nowhere near as good.

Throw in a pair of their Velocity Bridges and be amazed! If you are in Tucson ping me if you want to have a listen.
Your question is too vague with way too many unanswered variables if you expect a worthwhile response.
My suggestion and of course YMMV:

I recently upgraded all my cables to Cabledyne silvers, best decision since my Siltech Gen. 5s. I am in no way a dealer or affiliated with this company. These cables are simply a good match for my system. The Bi-wire speaker cable is 2.0m in length with upgraded Furutech bananas, $890.
thanks for the suggestion. I'm not stuck on any one brand , just looking for people's expreiences with different bi wires. Where did you buy the Cable dynes?
Keith: Cabledyne sells direct: A few others on this site own their cables.