Best bi-ampable monitor against rear wall $2500

Looking to replace my dated speakers designed for rear wall placement with more modern design such as Joseph, Vapor, Harbeth, Kef ls l50 but nearly all are either not able to be biamped or designed to be about 4-6 feet from rear wall. Unfortunately I need them flush against rear wall and will be using 2 TAD 60 tube EL 34 amps in a 15 x 13 x 8 ft office.
Suggestions, please?
I have a pair of Merlin Mmi placed a few inches from the wall and they sound remarkably good. Being non-ported helps, I think. They have dual Cardas binding posts so you can bi-amp or bi-wire if you wish but I don't think it's recommended. (Worth a call to Bobby P. at Merlin to find out.) They're also a tube-friendly 6-ohm load.
Its a pretty small room. Why not just use 1 amp. You may not have quite as much power, but you should be able to make up for it by having a much bigger selection of speakers. Another option would be to look into having someone bridge your amps for mono operation.
I used to have Merlin TSMs against the wall and they imaged terribly.
Needed to be out at least 4 feet in my room. Reluctant to use only one amp
since I just bought the second:) Not sure who can bridge the 2 amps, since
Paul Grzybek's tragic passing nobody else seems to service TADs. So I am
left with the Joseph 7RMXL, which is the only highly-rated speaker I can
find that fits the bill.
There is the Guru speakers from Europe (Sweden I think). I Got a friend that is listening to them, and like them. Those LRE's look very interesting.
springbrook, the tsms you had were quite inferior to the latter models in virtually every respect. you like a recessive midrange or a continuous sounding one? it will have bearing close to the wall. the tsms are set up for bi-amping as you know and work incredibly well if you keep the tweeter wire less than a gauge of 15. more than that will increase the tweeter output and unweight the sound.
hope you are well.