Best Belt-Drive Automatic or Semi-Automatic Turntable, Under $500?


What's the best belt-driven turntable with auto-stop, or semi-auto stop?
Budget under $500. 

Looking for typical audiophile features: replaceable cartridge, adjustable counterweight, anti-skate, excellent isolation from external vibration, stable accurate speed, low wow & flutter, low distortion, sonic accuracy, etc. 

Yes, i am aware that audiophile turntables usually do not have auto-stop. But for my purpose, auto-stop is a must. 

Some models I'm looking at:
  • Marantz TT42P
  • Audio Technica AT-LP3

Your faves?

Also considering a tonearm-lifter addon. If that works, then i can go for a U-Turn Orbit!

It's ok if i have to upgrade the cartridge or whatever on the stock model, in order to move up to a higher class product. 


(curious, i wonder why this forum does not have a "turntable" category, since it has everything else)
The turntable category is under Analog.  You'll get a lot more recommendations if you post this under that category.  Are these new turntables?   There are a great many used choices should you go that way, but my best suggestion is to re-post this under the "Analog" category