Best beer made...anywere?

Best'nt it? 45 minutes in the freezer...1 hour in the ice box...and Bruckner 4th on the radio, to be specific, 10 dollar ss Sony bought at wallmart. What do you say, huh? XX Dos Equis
Eldragon; Well, I try to be. It sort of depends on how much time I spend at the micro....... Craig
Spicy, i am in the "hood" i'll check The "Crescent..."aaand Abita (for accuracy).Anyway NO is my favorite city, after Vegas (heading back there in 6 mo) Graig! Forget audio-gear. Stick with the TRUTH...and "support" your local "brewery"! AMEN!
Yo , Eldragon you can buy Affligem Triple and Chimey in NYC at fine beverage stores $ 10-15 per bottle. They look like bottles from champagne.Cold Affligem Triple and a cigar by Davidoff .....Life doesn't get any better than that ;-) Tommy
The micro-brew fest coming up in Idaho Falls, Id. Oh yea!!! Fairly good sized brew fest. Last year had 130 different micro-breweries attended with over 300 different micros to sample. If you couldn't find something to like you just don't like the frosty beverage.
Eldragon. You are going to love the beer. I have one more tip for you. This saturday at Cafe Brazil there is a Latin/Jazz band playing at Cafe Brazil. They have Abita Turbodog tap as well as Guiness. Admission to see the band, 5.00. The name of the band is Fred Omar and it is some intense music and even if you hate jazz there will be some beautiful Latin girls all sweaty and in a frenzy there. It is worth it just to see them dance. The band is excellent. In fact you are going to feel like you are stealing for the level of entertainment you will get. Let me know!! Attire is very casual,ie short and sandals are cool. Also check out Cooter Browns beer garden uptown. If you go there on a saturday night, Christina will hook you UP! She is the bartender with the tatto of a snake chasing it's tail on her shoulder. They have more imports on tap than anyone in the area . I serioulsy doubt there is brand that they do not have.